Dazzle Quilt Along

>> Monday, February 15, 2021

 The first Sew Joy Quilt Along for 2021 is the Dazzle Quilt!

Dazzle Quilt Sarah Vanderburgh Sew Joy Creations

You can read more about the pattern if you'd like in this post - Dazzle Quilt.

Purchase the pattern in my online shop - Dazzle quilt - or at QuiltWoman.

This quilt along is planned for weekly sewing and will last 3 months.

Here's how I've chunked the constructing of the quilt:

Week 1 - Fabrics & cutting

Week 2 - Flying Geese

Week 3 - HSTs with Fabric A

Week 4 - HSTs with Fabric B

Week 5 - Corner Squares

Week 6 - Corner A/C units

Week 7 - Corner B/C units

Week 8 - Geese & Squares

Week 9 - Block Ds

Week 10 - Block Es

Week 11 - Quilt Top

Week 12 - Finish Quilt

Week 13 - Dazzle!

Newsletter subscribers have access to a free printable weekly tracker for this quilt along. 

Join my facebook group where you can share photos and chat with other quilters. I might even do some live posts there this time! 

I created a free Sew Along Checklist for Quilters - use it to get ready for this, or any other, sew along!

You can also find me sharing progress photos over on instagram. #dazzleqal

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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