Dazzle Quilt Along Week 3

>> Tuesday, March 9, 2021

 Week 3 is here for the Dazzle Quilt Along.

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Half Square Triangles

The next few weeks we'll be making the unit parts for the quilt blocks. Precise cutting of fabric pieces is the first step in getting blocks that finish at the right size - piecing is next! 

I still draw lines on the back of my fabric squares but there are tools and techniques that make this step quicker and still accurate. I also am now a converted trimmer and use squares a bit larger than needed then trim the half square triangles to the size needed.

half square triangles Dazzle Quilt along

Why do I trim now? Believe it or not, it's faster and more accurate for me at this point. I do most of my quilting time after work so my eyes and body are not as keen as they are after the first cup of coffee ;) Trimming means I don't have to be as accurate with my cutting and stitching and still have enough fabric for my units to come out the desired size.

I've also recently started to use the Bloc-Lo rulers at the insistence of the staff at my local quilt shop. They were right! I can now trim units after work and they come out the right size - with no concern for the safety of my fingers either. 

I've never been a gadget quilter but there's something to be said for trying out tools that make things easier while still accurate. Maybe you use a tool I should know about? Leave me a comment and tell me about it.

Week 3 To Dos

week 3 hsts Dazzle quilt along

~ Make the half square triangles

You could do this over several days like I did. I did one of the steps in the pattern each day until I had all three different hsts made using Fabric C.

Tip: be sure to follow the pressing directions given in the pattern - final block assembly will be much easier with the resulting nesting seams.

Take your time and be accurate with your sewing and trimming - the half square triangles are just one unit needed to make the blocks. Each unit literally builds onto the next!


Sarah V.


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