Please find corrections here for published patterns. Every effort is made to pattern test before publication, but errors can and do slip through!

purchases made AFTER the dates listed would have corrections made to patterns purchased in my online shop

May 2023

Correction in yardage made to SJC 137 - Starlight

Yardage for Fabric G  twin size quilt should be 1 1/4 yds

If yardage already purchased, additional 3/8 required.

Feb. 21, 2021

Corrections made to SJC-130 Dazzle Quilt

Corner Squares - number of cut pieces required is correct.

On page 4, step 6 should read (changes in bold), “Make 17/39/59 more corner squares”

And step 7 should read, “ Make 18/ 40/60 corner squares using Fabric B 4½" squares  and Fabric C 2½" squares”

Make B/C corner units

On page 6 the instructions should read,

  • Make 10/20/30 Fabric B/C corner units with Fabrics B/D HSTs

  • Make 8/20/30 Fabric B/C corner units with Fabrics E/B HSTs

The labels on the diagrams should also read the same amounts and have been edited.

Revised for clarity adding additional headings to the corner unit assembly instructions.

Corrected number of units needed on A/C units diagram to match text in pattern. 

Corrected HSTs used in diagrams for B/C unit construction - number of units and placement unchanged.

March 18, 2020

Corrections made to SJC-128 Amazing Rows

Yardage amounts have been adjusted for several fabrics; in all cases you would need less.

Yellow 1 (SRR512) requires 7/8 yds
Yellow 2 (SRR613) requires 7/8 yds
Beehive dark background (SRR670 Navy) requires 1 yd
White (SRR1535) requires 1 yd

Cutting requirements of fabric C and F, should be 12 strips of 1 ¼ " x width of fabric.

March 2020

Revisions made to SJC-127 Sunbeams

On page 4, under Make Hourglass units, the pattern should read Fabric G, not F.

On page 5, the diagram and instructions have been revised under Assemble Block B; step 4 now indicates to press the seams AWAY from the strips, and the arrows in the diagram indicate this as well.


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