Dazzle Quilt Along Week 10

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2021

   Week 10 is here for the Dazzle Quilt Along.

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Block E

I named the blocks in this quilt D and E because each is the name of the main fabric in each block. I think my brain works a bit differently when naming the pieces and fabrics for a quilt and I hope it doesn't confuse you too much! I have always been a 'block-of-the-month' quilter and labelling fabrics for a whole quilt is still a learning process for me as a pattern designer.

Here is Block E with it's beautiful fuschia from Allison Glass.

I love the POP of brightness this fabric adds to the block. I can see myself making another Dazzle quilt with Allison's new fabrics too - they are even brighter!

This photo shows you the non-directional nature of the middle fabric and how it works so well to add another element to the design. Notice the small scale of the birds as well and how they create a bit of movement and interest. I didn't have too worry about how to set the center fabric as I made the blocks which is nice too - just sew the units together and the block is done.

Remember to follow the pressing directions in the pattern so the blocks will nest together next week with the Block Ds.

The dazzle in my sewing space this week is this wonderful pair of embroidery scissors. They are nice and sharp and pointy and I love using them. I use them for cutting my threads and don't feel bad at all about not using them for embroidery - they work great for the job I use them for and that's what's imporant to me right now. I also like how the handles are both the same size so they can be used easily if you are right or lefthanded; something I noticed when my daughter was sewing with me last year (she's a lefty).

We are sooo close to done the quilt top! The finished blocks may not fit in the storage container you've been using to store the Dazzle quilt parts; try to keep them flat and ready to be sewn together next week.

Stay safe and keep quilting!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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