Dazzle Quilt Along Week 11

>> Tuesday, May 4, 2021

   It's here - the week we put together the quilt top! It's Week 11 of the Dazzle Quilt Along.

Dazzle quilt Sarah Vanderburgh Sew Joy Creations

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This is my favourite week! It's time to sew the blocks together to make the quilt top. The Dazzle quilt reveals it's secondary pattern this week. Take a look!

Dazzle Quilt Sew Joy Creations

The lap size is quite large and I needed more room than my design wall to lay out blocks. Lucky for me I can use the my queen size bed for this task. I would sew a row then return it to the bed to keep the rows in order and out of the way.

Dazzle quilt blocks bed design wall

Follow the instructions in the pattern to assemble the rows. The one piece of advice I have at this stage is that all of the corner triangles were ironed the same direction when making the blocks; at this point I finger pressed some to make the seams nest. It's not necessary to do this - and the performance icon I'm using by PFAFF does a great job of sewing evenly over these seams - but if you find your blocks are not coming out the way you would like, try finger pressing one seam in the opposite direction. 

Dazzle Quilt Sew Joy Creations

Once the quilt top is assembled there are two things to do: iron all the new seams and sew 1/8 " all the way around the outside edge of the quilt. These stitches keep your outside seams from unravelling and give the seams extra stability. If you plan to have your quilt finished by a long arm quilter they may also request you add this row of stitches - my local one does.

My Dazzle for this week - besides the quilt top? I played 'bobbin chicken' sewing that final row of stitches to the quilt edge and won! 

Enjoy putting together the Dazzle quilt top this week. 

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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