Dazzle Quilt Along Week 8

>> Tuesday, April 13, 2021

   Week 8 is here for the Dazzle Quilt Along.

Dazzle quilt Sarah Vanderburgh Sew Joy Creations

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Geese and Squares

These are the last units to assemble before we put the blocks together! This time we are going to do ALL the Geese and Square units of both colors to get them DONE. Are you with me? :)

geese and square units Dazzle Quilt Sew Joy Creations


These units should go together quite easily, but you might run into some uneven edges on your flying geese units. Don't worry! Here are some tips to help:

fudging a seam allowance Dazzle Quilt Sew Joy Creations

The flying geese unit on the left has an even edge and 1/4" seam allowance the full length of the edge. You can see that when it was sewn to the square below that the edges of both pieces aligned and that the seam allowance was accurate because the seam went right over where the two seams on the goose block intersected. This is what you want - to have the seam go through that spot.

Notice the unit on the right does not have an even edge. In this case I lined up the seam allowance as best I could which left some of the square showing at the edge. If the amount showing is less than 1/4" it's not a problem - the seam will still join the units and the 1/4" seam allowance will be maintained. Not ideal, but it will work. I had several units where a small part of the square fabric was showing through at the edge and I used the geese blocks anyway. The only time I wouldn't is if the 1/4" seam allowance couldn't be sewn - then I would need another goose block.

geese and square units second color Dazzle quilt Sew Joy Creations

Some would call this tip, how to 'fudge', but really, it's just something you learn to deal with the longer you quilt. If when you press the seam you can still see the flying geese point, then all is well with your quilt. Even if it's a little tucked under the seam the unit should still be usable. With practice, you'll get better at fudging too ;)

sewing room container

This week's dazzle is this fun little Singer sewing machine container that my mother in law found and gave to me. You can see some of the sparkle on the container in the photo. It doesn't have a use yet, but it does make me happy!

Here's to another week of quilting. Stay safe and support your local quilt shop!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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