Father's Day Quilt Challenge

>> Thursday, June 12, 2014

My husband may or may not have been serious when he mentioned last night that I should make him a quilt for Father's day.

Any other day I might have pretended to not hear him or rolled my eyes at him, but I had already been thinking about making him a quilt!


Here's the beginning pile of my idea this morning.

My original idea for a small wallhanging to replace the one acting as a curtain in his music playing space changed when I realized I had more than a fat quarter of this fabric. I had a whole half yard!

I have another pattern that I have been putting off working on. I decided to go for it and make another quilt with it to see if my measurements were right (it's been awhile!) I was amazed as I started to measure how I had just enough of every fabric I needed.

And I mean exactly! You can't really read the sticky note in this photo, but I had to 'make' pieces by sewing scraps together. This is all the pieces I needed and what was leftover from the shirt that I carefully cut apart when I was at teachers college to make this pillow.

Once I finished cutting all the pieces I needed it was time to clear off my design wall.

This is what it looks like to the left of my sewing machine - layers of things to sew!
You can see I have selvages lined up for what I thought was going to be my next project.
Beside the selvages are my pieces waiting to go up on the design wall.
On the top is my latest basket block. I think making these blocks has become my leader and ender project for the year! I love using up my stash to make them.

The first place marker pieces go up.

The next decision to make - should the stripes go the same way or intersect?

This was how the top looked when I added the half square triangle units. I really like it.

I mean really really like it.

I almost went with this. {I knew I had white in my stash and everything!}

What it showed me was how much traditional quilting patterns - structures of the blocks, placement of colours, basic shapes - influence my own designing. I guess I start at traditional and just keep adding!

Next post I'll show how the design grew on the wall.

{I'm actually now at the step of adding a border to make the quilt a little bit bigger!}

With Joy,

Sarah V


Beth June 13, 2014 at 1:27 AM  

Looks great. I enjoy seeing new projects start to come together. Can't wait to see it finished.

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