Ribbon & Wrap is Ready!

>> Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FINALLY! And with a FLOURISH, my latest patterns are ready.

I actually designed and made the mini quilt when my sewing space was in my laundry room! I was inspired by my friend Shirley who is a Christmas fanatic - F A N A T I C ! to make a red and green holiday quilt {something I'd never done in my 16 years of quilting?!}

Of course I love a good challenge and decided I wanted to design a new block to use up some selvages.

I named the block Ribbon AND Wrap because when you alternate the direction for every other block, it looks like you are wrapping gifts with ribbons! 

The great thing about this block is it looks great big or little. And it's quick - and easy! Okay, 3 great things :)  I really love the pillow. { I think I have a 'thing' for pillow covers!}

I made the 12 inch block up in scraps to show you how versatile and friendly it is to work with. In the photo to the left  you can see I made all of the inside corner triangles match. This seems to be the way I like the block - to have the inside corners match.

But look at this block! Here the outside corners match,
effectively creating a border for the block design.
I think this works here because of the contrast in the 
colours of the triangles - all of the inner ones are light,
contrasting with the dark outer corners.

I REALLY played with the scrappiness of my blocks in the mini runner! I was using up every last scrap of my Rock and Romance line to create this runner to go in my daughter's room {where the finished quilt will go - eventually!}

You can see here I did matching pairs of fabrics in each block. It works because these fabrics belong to one line and were designed to go together! You could make a mini runner in all 30s prints and it would 'work' too (and may even be sweeter than mine!) Keep a theme in mind when choosing your scraps and have fun making your own runner.

Instructions to make both sizes of blocks 
AND all 3 patterns are included in
 ONE pattern booklet for $6.00!

It's available NOW at Craftsy - BUY HERE


Sarah Vee


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