Least Favorite Colour - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

>> Monday, December 13, 2021

When it comes to picking favourite colours, it's all relative to me. As a quilter it really depends on what kind of quilt I'm making and even who I'm making it for. Least favourite colour? It used to be pink!

I really didn't like pink when I first started quilting. I only thought of pink as baby, pastel pink. I thought pink was only for baby quilts. Then I challenged myself to try using it in quilts and discovered it to be a magical colour!

There's pink in the Velvet fabric line I'm using in my latest quilt I mentioned yesterday.

Now I love pink even though I still don't use it that often. I would love to make a double pink quilt one day though!

Here's a great article from a quilt collector with some examples of double pink quilts - and other colours in quilts too!

 Color in Antique Quilts

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How about you? Is there a colour you don't like to use in your quilts? Or one that you like in quilts but not in clothes? This curious quilter wants to know!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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