Earliest Sewing Memory - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

>> Wednesday, December 15, 2021

 My earliest memory is not great - isn't that the thing with memories? Today's prompt from Cheryl brings me back to my awful experiences in Home Economics. We used to do that in schools where I live (now it's rare!)

I don't even remember my teacher - except that she got quite upset when she found a mouse in the laundry sink in class one day! I remember pleats and making a Christmas apron and failing miserably. I actually avoided sewing machines after that. When I first started quilting - almost 20 years later - I cut out my own cardboard templates and sewed by hand.

Now, I'm really careful to be positive and take risks trying new things. But I also realize that sewing clothes and quilting are very different. And I do have positive memories of sewing as my mom made doll clothes and then later, clothes for me. I loved my bold yellow blazer and matching skirt!

I have made a couple of aprons since starting my blog:

apron Bari J

I made this apron back in 2013 - Bari J apron

and this cute one too

Child size apron - this post will give you a bit of my backstory in how I came to start quilting too.

There are my early memories - read more over at Cheryl's link at muppin.com.

Are aprons part of your sewing memories too?

Wtih Joy,

Sarah V.


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