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>> Tuesday, December 21, 2021

 My favorite Sewlebrity is Pat Sloan!

This is one of the prompts for Cheryl's 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge. 

I think I've been following Pat Sloan for almost as long as I've been blogging - 10 years!

This was a Pat Sloan quilt top I finished last year:

You can read about it here: Winter Fun

I'm sure you know her and if you don't - check her out :)  Pat Sloan

Pat's enthusiasm is contagious and she is a great designer. She is an encourager in every sense of the word - I think she's an enabler too!

I have made  a post in the past where I celebrated her birthday and featured some of her quilts that I made at that point. Happy Birthday Pat Sloan

Early on when I started following her, Pat had an online forum which eventually became her facebook groups. But! There is an 'original' group of us who still hang out in our own private group. This has been one of my greatest gifts from Pat. 

During the pandemic Pat has been a lifesaver for many. In the early days I watched her daily videos and felt some normalcy and joy in the everyday life that we were starting to come to terms with. I made a quilt with my daughter that first May which is a wonderful keepsake and memory for us.

May Rainbow quilt

This coming year Pat continues to make plans that I can't resist! LOL I am waiting for my copy of the Woodland Wonderland quilt to make after seeing her cute blocks and I've ordered the book, The Secret Lives of Color (which apparently everone else has too!) for the sewing and reading she will be doing with this book next year.

Pat has made my quilting life a joy! 

Who is your favorite Sewlebrity?

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Jannette December 22, 2021 at 10:10 AM  

I didn't know that there were quilt sewlebrities when I first started quilting. We lived on a farm, and had only 3 TV stations (CBC, CTV and Global). Then, we moved "into town" and got cable! Shar Jorgensen, Fons and Porter, Kaye Wood, Eleanor Burns, Ami Simms - they quickly all became my "friends" and exposed me to SO many others! I still follow a few of them.

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