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>> Saturday, April 18, 2020

Happy Saturday! Before I share my fabrics for the churn dashes I want to give you the links to the Designers Quilt Show.

Today is Day 6 and the last full day of new designers. Check them out here.

You can still catch some great classes too. Go to the classroom by clicking here.

And the rafflecopter link for prizes. Good luck!

The Inventory Quilt Project is on for several months. I am one of the featured designers for April. 

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The quilt I am making is my Liberated Churn Dash quilt. I'm excited to be making a second one! This one is going to look a LOT different from my first. For one thing, my background is not going to be white, but a mix of dark prints and red.

background fabrics dark prints and reds liberated churn dash quilt

Here's my post about selecting my background fabrics.

Today I'm going to show you the fabrics I pulled for the churn dashes. 

fabric pull churn dash fabrics

I started by literally pulling a pile of fabrics from my collection.

I wasn't sure how these were all going to work together until I started organizing them by color. The first pull I did was the light neutrals or low volume prints.

low volume prints liberated churn dash quilt

Even here I was generous with the term and ended up with three different piles.

Then I went through and sorted the rest into warm and cool palettes. 

warm colour fabrics liberated churn dash quilt

I'm going to try and keep them separate and make warm looking churn dashes and cool ones. Notice I didn't put any red fabrics in here because of the red fabric choice for some of my backgrounds.

cool colour fabrics liberated churn dash quilt

The cool ones should play nicely off of the red backgrounds. There's not many here because I think I will end up mixing the low volumes with them. If I picked dark blues they would blend in with my background fabric choices.

fabric rejects liberated churn dash quilt

Then I was left with a pile that sorted it self out as I was selecting prints. These won't make it into the churn dash quilt at all. 


  • Some are too dark and too closely resemble fabrics I chose for the background. 
  • Some don't read as warm, cool, or neutral - busy prints.
  • Or the prints are too large and won't translate well into smaller cuts.
  • Some are too bright a green and I think they will make the red backgrounds steal the show.
  • Some I'm still at the 'I'm in love' stage and don't want to commit them to a project just yet!

low volume churn dash block liberated churn dash quilt

I have made one small churn dash block. I used a low volume pile on this fun crane print. I'm happy that I will be making two with this background. I went with low volume because there are actually a lot of colours in this print and I wanted to make sure there was a good contrast between the churn dash and the background. I'm not sure how well I did with that, but I like it!

Your job if you are making one of these quilts with me is to pick your churn dash fabrics.

You could go with all low volume, or all warm or all cool colours. Maybe you have a fabric line that you are going to use.

You could check out the post from my workshop and see some of the fabric choices the quilters made for their liberated churn dash blocks. 

Liberated Churn Dash workshop

front and back of quilt liberated churn dash quilt

My first Liberated Churn Dash quilt used a cool palette with some brown to go with the backing fabric that my husband picked out. He actually picked the backing fabric first and I picked fabrics to go with it! 

Read my post about No Orange.

OK! Go play in your fabrics :)

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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