Liberated Churn Dash Workshop

>> Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I led my first Liberated Churn Dash block workshop!

It's been over 10 years since I wrote the tutorial for my online beemates to make these blocks for me. 

Eventually I developed a quilt pattern which is still popular.

purchase the Liberated Churn Dash Quilt pattern

It was a thrill to see other quilters embrace the possiblities of playing with the churn dash block, and making their own design decisions from cutting the background to fabric placement.

grey background and white background liberated churn dash blocks

A crisp white background or a grey one.

yellow background scrappy greens frog fabric liberated churn dash block

A bold yellow with no repeating fabrics, except one! And don't forget the frogs :)

traditional colors liberated churn dash block

Traditional leftovers found a happy home in a liberated churn dash.

batik jelly roll fabric liberated churn dash block

A batik jellyroll was used to create a coordinated look.

lucky clover liberated churn dash block

And one student embraced the luck of the Irish and created heart corners to make a lucky liberated churn dash :)

I learned a lot too as an instructor! It was encouraging and inspiring to see how the quilters used the technique as a starting point for their own creativity.

This quilt is also my pattern contribution to the Inventory Quilt Project. I'll be making another quilt using this pattern and my stash. 

Join us! You can find more information and Sew a long at the Just Wanna Quilt facebook page - Inventory Quilt Project.

My designer month is April so stay tuned and start digging through your stash too!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Katy January 8, 2022 at 2:52 AM  

oh wow, different backgrounds look great, giving me ideas for a baby quilt

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