Fall Behind, It's Monday

>> Monday, September 21, 2009

Well, it is fall now, and I am not getting done what I *planned* to get done. But, there are more excuses than hours in the day right now. So let's roundup what I did manage to accomplish.:)

I finished a second September stocking. Pat Sloan and Emilie Richards are enticing people to make up this month's stocking with some delightful quilt goodies.

I finished ONE more Lady of the Lake block. These are getting pieced as I sew other things together. It's slow progress, but I WILL get these done this year!

I'm always trying to have the next block ready. This one I moved two rows around to make the light/dark middle stand out more. I try to keep the smaller triangles reading dark/light as well.

Doesn't this look better? The "light" blue small triangle read too dark against the beige centre. Here it reads light again.

I'm also testing old and new pens for a new project. So far not happy with any! We'll see what I can come up with. . .

I've also been piecing the first block in another project that I'm working on with my sister.

I've been piecing together the blocks for the mystery quilt I've been working on too. The last instructions came out this past week and I love the setting. This is on my list to get done, uhum, by Christmas. . .

And cutting out backgrounds and trying really hard not to start new projects!
I've also mapped out how I plan to quilt that picnic quilt I made for a JULY birthday (It's coming, I promise, Arabella!)

I've also helped my daughter who's 8 layout her Christmas Cousin challenge blocks into a wallhanging.

See, I have been getting stuff done! A list helps alot:)

Check out what everyone else is up to. Judy provides a Mr. Linky on Mondays to keep us going.

Now I'll go back to enjoying the two little boys here - one 1 and one 2 - and see if I can quilt tonight again when my eyes are half shut from exhaustion:)

Enjoy them young, children and ideas, both grow up!
Sarah Vee


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