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>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This is my 2nd post on projects I'm working on. It started because of Judy L. and Pin Tangle. Check their blogs to see how other people are progressing. This is my post from last Wednesday. Here's what's up and what's done for me:

The mini zigzag now has all of the individual squares placed. I now need to sew the squares into diagonal rows, then sew the rows together. Haven't done anymore yet this week.
I got the turquoise stitched around this bunny. I really like how it made the bunny 'hop' off the block!
I also finished the green stitching on this carrot.
And thanks to lots of Elmo, baseball and hockey, I started on this week's bunny in yellow:)

I did get my four Lady of the Lake blocks done for the week. I was sick for 3 days, so now I know I can get this minimum accomplished. Most of my quilting got caught up on Monday with a very sleepy toddler:)
This week's Lady of the Lake blocks are all green. I got behind on prepping my half square triangles for these blocks, so I have some work to do here still this week.
I did get 'Sam's bird' done. I call it an I D.I.D IT(done in'a day!) Nothing fancy. It's stretched over an 8x10 artist canvas. I did stitch on the orange belly and beak with orange, but otherwise I used my sewing machine white thread to quickly put it all together. It took me less than 5 minutes as all the fabrics were just *staring* at me when I went to my stash. It's going to hang in Sam's room. I was going to put "tweet tweet" on it in either blue or orange, but the day was done before I could. So that's that.

Now let's see what next week will look like!


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