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>> Thursday, May 14, 2009

I had the best of intentions when Sew Mama Sew had their Spring Cleaning. I even copied and PRINTED the list of things to clean. I even watched the video! Alas, not until my machine ate thread today did I tackle it. Ucky in there, folks. (You'll thank me for not posting those bunnies!) Needless to say, my machine is humming along and I've thrown a new project into it!
I'm using a vinyl tablecloth, folded in half with the flannel backing for a quick setup design board. This quilt is addictive! I know I will run out of matching stash and soon have the size I want. Then I will have to put all my SQUARES together.

Yes, SqUaReS! Here's the tutorial from Crazy Mom Quilts. (Posted on BEE Square fabric blog).
Not like I needed more to do. I'm trying to console myself that I've decided not to join Pat Sloan's tea cup swap ala Alice in Wonderland. It's funky and fun, but the timeline doesn't work for me...So instead I cut into this one. I'm calling it a mini - the strips are 1 1/2 and the blocks are 2 1/2, but still, I think MINI usually refers to the finished size of the quilt. This one I'm planning at least 30 inches.

PLEASE NOTE: I changed the size of my blocks to use what I had of my fabric inspiration. The tutorial makes bigger blocks and a bigger quilt. Maybe I'll get this done before the end of the week/month/year?! We'll see. My toddler may rip this all down and then I may just tuck it away for another rainy day (or stay up all night one night this long weekend:)) SeW JoY! Sarah Vee


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