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>> Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Well, it seems everybody's doing it - cleaning their sewing spaces that is! Good idea.

My sewing table at the beginning of the job. No wonder I haven't been making anything! I think there's another photo of the inside of my closet too. My sewing space is the front entryway that we don't use, but probably will once summer's here to get to the front porch.
Not too messy to look at, but everything is just chucked in here. AND there's no room for me to add anything. You can see one of my hanging shoe racks that I use to sort the main part of my stash. The not too large pieces of fabric and ones that aren't set aside for a specific project. The funky fabric on the right is my ironing board.
In this picture you can see both of my shoe racks FULL of stash fabric. I organize it by colour so that I can see at a glance what I need MORE of and what I really need to use so I can get more!:) This is an 'after' picture although I did not sort through the paper patterns and magazines. The hanging sweater rack has been tidied with projects I'm not working on moved to focus on the ones I want to get done. Beneath in the polka dot box is small batting pieces and my fusible web paper, and plastic bags from sheets etc. to store blocks in. The big fluffy bag is full of batting. Underneath that is a large tub full of fabrics that I will revisit when getting to my Christmas projects. On top of the white cabinet - the blue bin - is still chaos. It's full of stuff still needed to be sorted, but at least it's all in one place! Beside it I actually have a place for books I'm looking at right now so they don't have to sit on my table! And check out my table:

I can see it again! And only one project on it; my stockings for the Season of Grace. In the window sill is part of my stash bits that I'm sorting into strawberry plastic containers. I'll be needing a few more:) My husband made my beautiful table when in woodworking school. It has three perfect drawers against the wall right now so my toddler doesn't get in them. The drawers on my sewing machine desk are also now empty. Thus someday I will have more storage!

My closet closed now has my chakra silk scarf above it.

I also made a mini clotheline above my front door to put finished blocks that don't have quilts yet. The first two will be part of a 2009 memory quilt with blocks using fabrics from all the projects I do this year. I'm behind on these already! The basket is for another basket project. And the HOPE block was made January 20th in the spirit of inspiration that day of Barack O'bama's inaugaration.

That's all for today. There's more. But that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the mini tour. Now I can enjoy my space again too. Sarah Vee


Rachel Slote-Brown April 22, 2009 at 1:48 PM  

Looks good Sarah! I really like the shoe and sweater rack idea - I would just need a closet to organize that way. I won't show you my space right now - a little crazy.

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