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>> Friday, January 21, 2022


Hearts and Churns quilt Sew Joy Creations

I never used to make quilts with hearts on them - apparently that was years ago! Traditionally hearts on quilts were reserved for brides or babies. Not anymore! Heart quilts are more popular than those heart candies with sayings on them:)

I went through my projects and tutorials to put them all in one place for you to enjoy.

QUILTsocial heart wall hanging

One of my most recent heart projects is this wall hanging I made with selvages and bold fabrics for QUILTsocial. You can find the links to the free tutorial in this blog post:

I'm starting to see a selvage theme here too! This tutorial for a heart uses selvages that are sewn to one string of fabric. The string in the heart in the photo is the green with white polka dot strip.

These are fun to make! Check it out here  Selvage Heart on a String tutorial

Ummmm, more selvage hearts! 

Perhaps it's because February is so early in the year and I always seem to be in a clean up and make do frame of mind that so many of heart projects are also selvage projects. Well, I'll just keep going anyway :)

I love this pillow project I called Upcycled Love. I turned a shrunken dress shirt into functional art!

Pockets of love pillow cover newsletter subscriber free pattern

The post also links to my Pockets of Love pillow cover. Yes, more selvage hearts. This one is a free pattern for my newsletter subscribers.

And there's another free project for newsletter subscribers that includes hearts and uses charm packs.
A set of placemats with a mini runner.

hearts and churns quilt Sew Joy Creations

My latest heart project is the Hearts and Churns quilt. I love the churn dash block so it's only fitting I incorporated hearts and churns into one quilt block. This is a paid pattern available as a download from my online shop or also at Etsy.

I hope you found something here to inspire you to make something with hearts on it - maybe even try using some selvages to do it :)

Lots of  JOY,

Sarah V.


How I organize binding fabric - quick tip

>> Thursday, January 13, 2022

 This tip will help you if you are more of a quilt-topper than quilt-finisher! I have a lot of quilt tops - I counted 20 in my last post when I organized them. For some of those quilts I did plan ahead and keep fabric for the binding.

This shoe box started out with binding for a couple of quilts - it's actually cut into strips too! I simply added an index card on the end and wrote some details. I included the name of the quilt and a brief description of the fabric. You can see I just cross off the binding when it's used; in this case I finished my Hearts and Churns quilt.

I used to keep binding fabric with its quilt top, but that's not working for me anymore. I took these two fabrics out of one of the bins when I organized and transferred them to the binding box.

I just sorted through a fabric bin and found the fabric that I thought I had saved that will work as binding for two quilt tops I did with my quild (right now I only have a photo of one? Gotta find the other one!)

scrappy bargello Bonnie Hunter pattern

This is Bonnie Hunter's scrappy bargello. The binding fabric is the same as the border fabric.

Now it's added to the binding box which is actually full! Guess it's time to quilt some tops - or get another box :)

Do you have binding fabric set aside? Share in the comments :)

With Joy,

Sarah V.

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Why do you want to get organized? Here's how I started this year

>> Tuesday, January 11, 2022

 Just because it's the start of a new calendar year doesn't mean you have to organize. In fact if you do it because you feel you should do it, the organizing you do will probably feel overwhelming and really hard to keep up.

I ended up finally organizing my quilt bins because I couldn't find a quilt top. So this can happen too - you might think you should organize, then don't because it feels like a should and then well, you can't find things!

Sumbeams quilt pattern by Sew Joy Creations

I wanted to find my Sunbeams quilt top that I did with Sherry Shish (poweredbyquilting)'s winter line last year called Plum Pudding. You can read my blog tour post here. It was not in my regular tops-waiting-to-be-quilted tote. It wasn't on a shelf in the open or in the closet. I ran out of spots that I thought it could be. Minor panic and beginning of the year organizing pressure ensued!

I decided it was finally time to write down what was in my bins under the bed. I started a spreadsheet - a really basic one! I labelled the bins 1 - 4 and wrote down what was in them. Two of my bins are Christmas related tops and fabrics, two are mostly yardage and backing fabrics.

I also have a large tote in my closet that is supposed to be storing quilt tops. I started this quest to find the quilt top because I wanted to measure it for backing fabric. Then I realized it's listed on the pattern :)

But! I have so many other tops that I took the time to photograph and measure each one for backing. This is also now on a spreadsheet - a simple one! There isn't anything scary about making a detailed list so that I don't have to go through all these bins again just to measure one. Now when there's sales I can go to my list and buy enough yardage for backings.

During this process I actually did buy yardage for the Christmas quilt I had hanging in my quilting room. I even washed it! Now to haul out the batting and get that cut. . . In fact the quilt in the photo above has now replaced the Christmas one on my wall. It's only from 2009 or so?

In the end I photographed and measured 20 quilt tops. What I didn't do was go back in the original bins and pull out and measure the tops in them. Maybe next year!

I feel a lot better knowing where all these quilts are and that I can now quickly find out how much backing fabric I need for them. I also realize that there is always a quilt waiting to be quilted in addition to all the ones tempting me to start them!

I hope this inspires you to think about what and why you might want to organize something in your quilting space. Maybe it's scissors or thread or magazines that are starting to cause you stress because you can't find them or you know if they were better organized you could make room for more. Whatever the reason, enjoy the time you spend organizing - if you decide to do it.

With Joy,

Sarah V.

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2021 QUILTsocial projects

>> Wednesday, December 29, 2021

 This year I had a lot of fun being creative with my posts for QUILTsocial. Of course, using the PFAFF performance icon made it easy to have fun :) Here's a quick recap with links to my blog posts that include all the links for each project. 

I started my projects with this runner made with yardage a pack of 2 1/2 squares. I really want to make more of them as it is the perfect length for my bedroom dresser.

QUILTsocial week - 2 1/2" squares challenge

I wasn't done with table runners and in May I designed another one. This time it was inspired by modern spring colors and I tried out quilting with rulers.

Then I went into summer with some modern placemats.

Modern placemats

I'm seeing a trend here! Another table runner, but bigger :) 

Halloween Double T pieced table runner

It was time to break out of the dining room and into some other home decor! I made a stocking banner in time to enjoy it for the holidays.

Quilted Holiday Stocking Banner

And last, but not least, a heart wall hanging. For this one I let my inner color lover have a bit of a party :)

Quilted heart wall hanging

I hope one of these projects inspires you to create something new! Please send me a photo if you make one of these projects - or join my Facebook group and share it there.

With Joy,

Sarah V.

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Sew Much Fun Tour Continues into Next Year!

>> Tuesday, December 28, 2021

 I thought I would pop in this reminder before the year is over that the Sew Much Fun Tour continues into next year!

There are several designers who are still lined up to share their own sewing themed blocks - me included :)

You can find all previous blocks listed on the main site here - Sew Much Fun Tour.

You can also click on the image above to go to the main site.

This week features Laura at Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio - you can find her block here: pins and pincushion

Last week was Raylee at Sunflower Stitcheries and Quilting

and before that Andi and True Blue Quilts 

and Jennifer at Inquiring Quilter

Starting us off in 2021 is Rona at Rona the Ribbiter

followed by Susan at QuiltFabrication

then Jen at Faith and Fabric

Be sure to get the blocks you are interested in before the tour is over - many designers will stop offering the blocks for free at that time. Each designer is independently running their own site so please read their posts for specific information.

I have to admit that I went into this tour assuming all the blocks would be pieced - can you tell that's my favorite ;) But I hope you will make the time to try out some new techniques and discover some new designers too.

With Joy,

Sarah V.

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