Packing my Bags for a Sew Day - I made a list!

>> Saturday, January 6, 2024


The first sew day of the year is here! Last time I went I forgot a few things so I made myself a list. See if you would pack what I pack :)

Of course you need a a few nice bags to put things in.

I made this one wide mouth bag that fits my 6 1/2 " ruler perfectly.

Things to go in the bag:

6 1/2" ruler (Creative Grid)

bloc loc rulers ( 2 1/2" and 4 1/2")


sewing pins in pincushion inside scrap cutting bag

quilting pins

Clover seam ripper

rotary cutter

embroidery scissors

machine power cord

Things to go in bigger bag:

cutting mat (this time 12 x 18)

ruler for drawing lines (this can go in a project bin)

project bin with more than one project in it 

AND projects have been checked over to include pattern/instructions and fabrics needed

All of this fit in a tote bag I quilted using all kinds of fun stitches.

You can find the tutorial posts for this bag over at QUILTsocial - PFAFF quilt expression 720


sewing machine in working order (with extra bobbins, presser feet and thread)

Separate bag:



water bottle (filled)

warm socks

slip off shoes - I quilt in sock feet

money for rent

I have enjoyed making bags to use for trekking my stuff to sew days. At some point I would like a bag with a more boxed bottom and one with a zipper. For now these work!

What else do you put in your sew day bags?

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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