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>> Friday, March 8, 2024


I Made A Lists - with Lists in it

One thing I've done with my quilting time this year is organize it into types of projects to work on. These categories are keeping me focused so that when I have time, I know what to work on. 

Reduced overwhelm = More Joy

These are my categories. Yours might vary depending on what is important to you this year. I'm focusing on finishing!

~ Pattern Releases

~ To Be Quilted by Longarmer

~ To Be Quilted by Me

~ Works in Progress

~ Business Projects

Inside each category are where the quilts go. I have tried to limit myself to 3 in each category (but some have up to 6). Already I'm finding that I still gravitate to the piecing activities and at this rate my Works in Progress are going to be done by Spring! LOL! 


Works in Progress

I decided to focus on two projects that are fairly recent starts and one new one. I am making all three of these quilts for me which may be why progress has been slow.

Sew Day 2020 Weekly challenge quilt

I have shared about this quilt before. It was designed by Darlene D'eon as a mystery in 2020. I have been working on this quilt at my guild sew days and still have the border star rows to complete. All of the pieces are cut and ready. This one will be my focus at sew days starting next month.

I recently took time to assemble all of the bear paw blocks into the main quilt top.

2020 mystery challenge quilt center Darlene D'eon

Quilted Witch

The Quilted Witch is a pattern by Lori Holt. I fell in love with the witch's patchwork skirt and the small quilt blocks floating in the background. Pat Sloan is currently finishing this as a sew along with an alternative layout - no witch - and I have stalled. This will be the next project and hopefully done in time to enjoy this fall.

I have completed the blocks up to and including the small churn dashes.

churn dash blocks Quilted Witch Lori Holt

I also purchased this cute dot fabric as more background fabric.

Quilted Witch

Secret Lives of Color

This quilt was a sew along with Pat Sloan in 2022. The idea is to select fabrics from your stash that match the colors in the book, Secret Lives of Color by Kassia St. Clair. 

I took it one step farther and used Anna Maria Horner fabrics as my backgrounds. I changed them throughout the quilt to contrast with the colors. I have enjoyed every stitch of this project! I have finished the top now and will share another photo soon.

Secret Lives of Color quilt Pat Sloan sew along Kassia St.Clair

I'm looking forward to sharing more from my different categories too as the year progresses.

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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