Quilting in August

>> Sunday, August 17, 2014

Not much quilting going on here! And not much for the next. . . while?

I got a full time teaching job that starts August 22nd - my first time as a REAL classroom teacher! I'm pretty excited and anxious and busy getting ready.

BUT quilting is my therapy and necessary to keep me happy:) This is how far I've got on my newest love - Pat Sloan's Let's Go Sew! My goal is to hang it behind my desk at school (joy!)
{You can buy this pattern as a digital download or a paper copy - 
check out Pat's digital store}

This happy rainbow of scraps is now packed away for another day. I will have to get used to setting a time limit on my quilting time instead of working at a chunk of a project. Any time spent quilting is good:)

And my latest placemat design - my good dishes - will have to wait a little bit. I wanted to make it one more time with some different fabrics to write the pattern. What do you think? Ric rac fun and a great way to use large prints.

I'll be back as soon as I can. I will be slowing down with my posting - maybe once a week with what I get done during my quilting time. 

I hope you are enjoying the end of summer {how did that happen so fast?!} and finding joy quilting:)

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


Catching up on a Day off

>> Friday, August 8, 2014

Life is short - summer is shorter!!

We snuck away for a few nights at my parent's trailer - windy and cool. But we did get to have some campfires:)

I'm falling behind on my Halloween 1904 blocks again. This one I finished last week (?) First one with that fun pink and orange check! I had to cut out more orange stars from a different oranges so I am slowly blending them in to the remaining blocks.

I did get a little farther with my batik 9 patches! My idea is working out and I really like it. I"m making them in an Irish chain setting. This is the top left of a 3 x3 setting- so there will be one more solid batik print on the top row, one more block of 9 patches on the next row and a bottom row of solid batik, 9 patch block, solid batik. I don't think my fabric will go much farther than that! I should have some of the solid batik left to add a border. We'll see. 

Last picture I have edited to post is this one of some ric rac! Another placemat - can you believe it?!
Actually I'm seriously considering a placemat club - one placemat pattern a month. Maybe a few more added in for special occasions - like birthdays, Halloween, Christmas. 

Would you join a placemat pattern club?

Back to summer! (actually, back to some out of the house work and keeping up with my kids' summers!)

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


Ric Rac Joy

>> Sunday, August 3, 2014

I'm playing with some more ric rac. After making the Charmed Placemats I kept thinking about more ways to use ric rac on a placemat. 

Check out the awesome new quilt design featuring ric rac by Jillily Studio,
Argyle Avenue, in this post.

AND Glenda at Hollyhock Quilts has a really sweet FREE wallhanging that uses ric rac on baskets- see it here! (She's selling kits with authentic feedsacks for it too!)

Do you 'ric rac'?

With Joy,
Sarah V


Joy! It's Present Time

>> Friday, August 1, 2014

Thank you SO much for sharing Christmas in July with me!
My Sew Joy Patterns {Sew Far!} will be taken off the shelf now.
Don't worry - all of the patterns are still available just not in this special package:)

Let's get to the fun part - giving away patterns to the winners!

from Day 2 - Making & Wrapping

Janet (#1) Ribbon & Wrap

from Day 3 -  Celebrating Seven

from Day 4 - Pillows for Presents

from Day 5 - Eating with Joy

Gill - Double Delight &

Day 6 - Merry Christmas Friends at Jackie's Quilts
Primitive JOY {to be announced!}

from Day 7 - Merry Christmas in July Finale

Shirley ! - Reader's Choice - Liberated Churn Dash QUILT


Gill (#4) Sew Joy Patterns{Sew Far!!}


I will be sending each winner a private email as well, to confirm the correct email address to send the downloadable patterns too.

Remember, everyone wins with my free charm-friendly placemat pattern! It's still available to download here: CHARMED Placemat Pattern!

So now that it's August, I think it's time to start focusing on making a list and checking it twice for the handmade gifts I'm planning this year:)

With JOY,

Sarah Vee


Merry Christmas in July Finale

>> Thursday, July 31, 2014

We made it through a week of celebrating! Thanks for visiting to see what I'm up to and for participating in the giveaways.

It's not easy putting yourself out there and thinking of ways to share what you do - but I'm trying:)

This is the LAST day to purchase my Sew JOY Patterns (Sew Far!) All of my current patterns for $25 in a zip file at Craftsy. I think this is a neat way to do it - each pattern is separate so you don't have to scroll through them all to get to the one you want to make. I even included a visual table of contents so you can look at the picture of the pattern, read its name, then find the file for the pattern you want to make first.

Remember you can still comment on the Merry Christmas in July main giveaway here until July 31.

Here are the rest of the posts from the week - each featuring a giveaway that also ends tonight!

July 26 -Making and Wrapping Ribbon and Wrap giveaway

July 27 - Celebrating Seven Liberated Churn Dash QUILT giveaway

July 30 - Merry Christmas Friends - Jackie's Art Quilts Primitive Joy Wallhanging giveaway


Reader's Choice!

Leave a comment with which of my patterns YOU would like

That's it!

For a second chance, leave another comment telling me
 what kind of free patterns you like. . .

This giveaway is only open until tonight - probably 10 p.m. Eastern (ish!)
Remember to leave your email if your are a no reply blogger (and to leave your comment in the blog post and not as an email response - thanks!)


Please take time to download my free CHARMED Placemat Pattern too

With Joy,

Sarah Vee

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