Quiltville Mystery - My First!

>> Monday, December 11, 2017

I'm pretty excited to be making time in my hectic holiday schedule to squeeze in a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt!

aquas browns and corals for quiltville mystery

Believe it or not, these are the only fabrics I had to buy for the mystery. I got the rest from my stash. If you follow me on Instagram you can see a photo of my stash fabrics that I pulled. I bought all of these online and only that one very dark brown one will be stepping aside because it really is too busy to read 'brown'.

nine patches scrappy blocks bonnie hunter mystery

This is my progress so far on clue #1. I finished cutting all of my pieces and organizing them to sew on every night this week. In between quilting a quilt to give as a Christmas gift. ahem.

Bonnie has posted clue #3 and I needed to catch up with my cutting and piecing so last night I did a trial sew of some fabrics for clue #2.

corals and neutrals fabric pull for quiltville mystery

Clue #2 is all flying geese! I rarely use coral in quilts and was happy to have an excuse to use up some of the fabrics that have made their way into my stash.

quiltville mystery coral and neutral fabrics

 I'm also using up some of my neutrals which is very hard for me to do. It's a challenge for me to even buy neutrals! Once I find one I like I find it hard to use; so far, sew good:) Clue #3 will also be using the corals and neutrals. I have more of these fabrics but these are the ones I will start with for these two clues. I'm a bit reluctant to cut into all of my different ones for one clue and not have anything different to use for later clues.

Do you like quilt mysteries? I'm going to link up over at Quiltville so I can see some of the other fabric combinations quilters are using for this mystery. I might even see some coral fabrics that I like:)

Quiltville Mystery Monday link up clue 3

Wishing you a joyful week,

Sarah V.


Mug Rugs are for Gifting

>> Sunday, November 26, 2017

The season of gifting is upon us! I hope all my American readers enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend. I know some of us have been hitting the Black Friday sales too - remember tomorrow is Cyber Monday and I do have a few downloadable patterns out there in the  cyber shop;)

fussy cut mug rugs

Last week was my first holiday gifting opportunity this year at my Quilt Guild's Christmas dinner. The lemon meringue pie was amazing! And so were the mug rugs! Everyone made two and wrapped them up to swap. I made two using last year's Cotton and Steel Christmas fabric, fussy cutting these cute glasses that remind me of my Aunt.

fussy cut glass from cotton and steel fabric

I added a thin pink border between the prints and simply quilted around the glass to make it a little puffy.

front and back selvage mugrug

I wanted to make them reversible and decided to use a rainbow of selvages! I liked these almost too much to giveaway - a good clue that they will be well received :)

handmade gift bag

Then I had fun decorating the gift bag; you guessed it, more selvages!

selvage tree handmade gift bag

I used a glue stick to adhere the selvages then tied the bag with another selvage. I have a few more little bags like this that just might get the selvage treatment too.

With Joy,

Sarah V.

p.s. you can find my selvage patterns and more at Craftsy - click here to see!


Modern Roosting Robin Row quilt

>> Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I'm doing two! Yes, always an overachiever - or at least an enthusiastic planner! - I am making two mystery round robins with my quilt guild this year.

solid fabrics with kaffee inspiration print

My second one will be a modern quilt for me - or at least for my household. I used a Kaffe Fassett print as my inspiration and pulled solid fabrics that match at my local quilt store.

I also wanted to explore some modern blocks or at least blocks that are not traditional that I've wanted to try.

And also, I want to make it a row quilt! 

modern round robin plus and x block

My starting row is finished. I made the Japanese x and plus block using a tutorial by Christine Barnes that makes a 12 inch block.
 You can check out her tutorial here - Spumoni 

plus and x block

The first mystery clue was given at my last guild meeting - triangles. Lucky for me I made bonus hsts when making my x and plus blocks by sewing extra seam allowances on my corner pieces.

bonus hst layout

I decided to use the bonus units and see what I could do with them.

mountain blocks made with bonus hst units

I like what they look like as mountains, and using the print hsts as moons, perhaps? But doing this will make the blocks less than 12 inches and I know there are only 5 rounds. So I'm considering this arrangement instead.

triangle block with hst units

That's a LOT of hsts! I found this method for making 8 hsts at once and am going to give it a try.

 Magic 8 method for making half square triangles

I will have to start working on this again to have it done in time for the next clue by the end of the month.

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Roosting Round Robin #1 - civil and small

>> Monday, October 23, 2017

This is my first year participating in my guild's mystery quilt. This year it's a Roosting Round Robin - a quilt usually made in medallion-style (going a 'round' the center) but I'm changing it up a bit and making it two different ways to boot!

betsy chutchian fabrics

It started with this lovely pack of pre-cut 2 1/2" strips of Betsy Chutchian fabrics at my local quilt shop. I had to have them! I had already purchased a metere of the blue paisley and the brown paisley because I love paisley fabric, especially made in this traditional style. But I kind of felt like I really need to use this fabric sooner than later so challenged myself to use it to make the Roosting Round Robin. 

fabric choices and block choice in quilt book

Then, to make it really fun and challenging, I decided to also make blocks that are on my bucket lists. An extra challenge to be sure! This pine tree block has been on my want-to-make list for a long time. This is Quilts!Quilts!Quilts! 

Yes, this book! My husband brought it home for me many years ago when I "had to have" a drunkard's path block pattern - this was the only place the quilt store we lived near had a pattern for one. (yes, this was before looking for patterns online!)

freezer paper template

The book comes with pages of templates to trace and use to make the blocks. I tried to find the same block, the same size, online so I could just make it a quicker way, but I didn't find one. Instead I used freezer paper to trace the template. Then I ironed the freezer paper to the wrong side of my fabric and cut around it using my rotary cutter - the templates include the seam allowance. 

reusing freezer paper template

To make the background pieces on each side of the tree trunk required reversing the template for one side. I removed the freezer paper template that I used and ironed to the front to make it reverse - and it worked! 

design wall block units

I followed the diagrams and put my block units together in the same sections. I did make hsts instead of cutting all of those triangles on the bias and then sewing them together. And I took photos with my digital camera to make sure I kept my pieces in the right place as I moved them from wall to sewing table - something I couldn't have done 15 years ago!

completed pine tree block

I'm really happy with my block - happy I did it and happy with how it turned out. I'm looking forward to the next round with these fabrics!

Are you participating in a quilt challenge this fall?

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Time to call it a top - My 150 Canadian Women quilt top

>> Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall has certainly arrived where I live! It's time for me to enjoy my sweaters and start working on more fall inspired quilts. To that end I took the time this weekend to finish enough 150 Canadian women blocks to get a decent size lap quilt.

block 76 for 150 Canadian women block by Kat Tucker

This is block 76 designed by Kat Tucker of Next Step Quilt Designs. There are still more blocks coming - actually almost all 150 blocks have been released! You can go to her site to order a CD of all the block patterns which will be delivered after all of the blocks have been released.

Here is my quilt top in an autumn setting:

150 Canadian women quilt top 76 blocks

I used one 12" block that was designed by my local quilt shop owner for Northcott's shop hop this past summer to celebrate the 150. 

I sewed my blocks into 4 block units as I went so when I sat down to put it together this weekend I was only sewing together 5 rows of 4 blocks. I "webbed" my quilt top together in the style of Bonnie Hunter after trying it on another quilt earlier this summer. Check out her post about it and then google the term to see more photos of what it looks like as you go.

Webbing the Top

 It is a definite timesaver - it took me just under an hour to sew my blocks into rows and then maybe another half hour to sew the rows together. A great method IF you have time to do it all at once and the space to lay out your blocks to get started.

150 Canadian women quilt top outside

I'm still debating if this top will get a border. I would like to use the rest of the blocks to make a second red and white quilt, but we'll see. Lots of quilts to make on my bucket list ;)

I plan to have this one quilted to share at my guild's quilt show next year, which means it won't sit around like this for long!

With Joy,

Sarah V.

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