Christmas Sewing - Making Joy

>> Saturday, December 13, 2014

I could have titled this post,
 "Noodlehead saves Christmas for SewJoyCreations!"

Quick, easy and versatile wide mouth pouches.

Noodlehead tutorials are here.

I'm using fun stash prints, the zippers I bought at a stash sale, and having fun doing it!

For me,

if it's not joyful to make, it's not joyful to give.

Enjoy the season of making and sharing joy - embrace both the opportunities to give and receive in equal measure.

I think Lambert gets the big idea - PLAY!

With Joy,

Sarah V


Making a List. . .Placemats

>> Sunday, December 7, 2014

I've made 6 co-ordinating placemats using blocks I made from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 4 (!) that I had a block in.

I made this placemat using the disappearing 9 patch method - and then cutting the pieces even more.

This one is my block with borders added to it.

It was a fun challenge to use these limited fabrics and make sure all of the placemats looked good on their own and like they belong together.

I thought the focus on the pink poinsettias was the best way to incorporate the pink in this one.

Another 100 Quiltmaker's Blocks Volume 4 block.

This one was on my blog several years ago featured with my son. Yes, this project has been steeping for a little while!

Now the placemats need to be MADE - batting, backing, etc. Hence the need to make a list and start to get  busy at my machine.

Are you making gifts this year?

Remember I have a few free tutorials that could help you check off your list ;)

You may also enjoy one of my more popular posts -
Basic Making to Give Guidelines.

Enjoy the season. If making is not possible for you this year for whatever reason (lack of time, money, illness) relax and give yourself permission to not make.

You are the most valuable gift to many folks in your life.
Remember that.

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


Threads of Memory - One block to go

>> Sunday, November 30, 2014

August's block - Jacksonville Star
for Emily Logan

September block - Lancaster Star
for Deborah Simmons Coates

October block - Britain's Star
for Charlotte Henson

November's Star - St. Charles Star
for Louisa Alexander

It felt great today to be caught up and able to complete November's block the day it was released! I do have a setting planned and mostly pieced as well. I'm hoping to actually quilt this one during the Christmas holidays and have another Christmas quilt for my house.

Of course, I'm not done all of my Christmas gift making. That's what December 23 - 24 is for, right?

And. . . I'm starting to be tempted by NEXT year's Block of the Months starting to pop up!

Bonnie Hunter is doing a mystery now, and Pat Sloan has announced it will be pieced blocks again for the Free Quilt Pattern next year. Jan Patek has mentioned she will be doing one. . .

What Block of the Month(s) are tempting YOU for next year? 


Sarah V



>> Sunday, November 9, 2014

A group of northern Ontario artists, The Fibre Muses, had a show within my town's fibre art festival. They do challenges and the following trees are based on a workshop they did with Elaine Quehl.

This quilt captured exactly what it looked like that week in our town. My daughter took these photos on her iPad mini - she made this one her background immediately!

A side note but maybe it's relevant for you if you take photos on a device like an iPad and then try to post your photos only to find them appear sideways: there's some technical reason for it as the photo is saved as a jpg it is 'remembered' and saved in its original orientation. Solution - save your edited photos as 'png' and they will come out the orientation you save it as:)

I have more photos to share from the festival which was very inspiring again, but I'm behind in general on posting. So, before it snows more (again!) here is our Jack o Lantern with the dusting of snow we had the day after Halloween.

Halloween day our reserve school has the students walk to the grave yards to place wreaths they make on the graves. It is also known as All Saints Day in many religions. The snow stuck on the trees made it a very mesmerizing walk through the woods.

My quilting is mostly on the back burner these days. This quilt was shouting the loudest (as they say) and so it finally got the border it wanted. It feels complete now (except for the actually quilting!) and fills the dining room with the perfect feeling of fall. Too bad it's snowing again already. Soon I will have to take down all my orange quilts to replace them with the reds and greens of the coming season.

Take some time to enjoy quilting this week!

With Joy,

Sarah V


Sewing Joy in October

>> Thursday, October 16, 2014

As promised, here is a photo of my completed Let's Go Sew quilt, a pattern by Pat Sloan. I left off the next border to keep it small enough to hang behind my desk in the classroom.

Can you see it there, hiding amongst all the important papers I need to keep an eye on?! I get to see it when I come into the room each day - and maybe more often if I ever sit down to eat (as well as when I return from one of my many trips to the photocopier!)

I also tackled the remaing Threads of Memory block that I had avoided because of the templates. In the end it wasn't a difficult block at all. I incorporated several ideas from the blocks Barbara showed on her blog, including fussy cutting my centre square. I have planned a layout for my blocks and even cut into some of the background fabrics to see if it will work. The quilt will be another one for the couch (or a lap quilt, as the size is referred to) and while it is a Christmas themed quilt it won't be ready this Christmas as there are still 3 more blocks to be revealed and made. Hopefully it will be in use next winter!

In the vein of hopefulness, hopefully my Halloween 1904 (pattern by Blackbird Designs) will be a quilt by next fall. The final five blocks now have stars and are waiting for their half square triangle borders.

Now that I've started to lay out my borders like this instead of around the centre of the block they sew together much quicker. It's also easier for me to leave out and work on in small bursts without worrying about pieces falling off the table and getting put back in the wrong place.

This spirit of hopeful optimism led me to indulge in starting another project - one that I have no real knowledge of how big it will get. Or rather, how small it may end up. This unit here is the base for 2 flying geese units. It is less than 2 1/2 inches as you can see!

The star on the bottom right of my design wall is where those little geese went - in that small centre star. It's the beginning of Primitive Gatherings 10th anniversary stitch along. There are 3 more steps out that I need to catch up on - which will bring it up to a 16 inch square block. I'm wondering if it will stop at 10 parts (for the tenth anniversary?) so it may end up a nice wall hanging size. But it's a mystery - which is part of why I joined! - so we'll see what happens. I decided it was a fun way to use up my scraps and I'm challenging myself to create a rainbow effect by starting with purple and moving out one colour each round to red. Should be interesting as my scraps are quite varied in theme - a very happy rainbow quilt in the works. (You can find links to the parts in the sidebar on Lisa's blog. There is an option for applique in the middle or the pieced version I'm doing)

You can see I've still been stitching the mini 9 patch batik blocks as my leader and ender (all the more reason to start a new project and have more things to stitch, right?:)) I think I might have enough fabric to make it 4x4 blocks instead of 3x3 blocks like I originally planned. . . we'll see!

 This weekend is my local guild's quilt show and our annual Fibre Arts Festival. I'm planning to see Judy Martin's keynote on Friday night - and get to see the amazing Manitoulin Circle Project panels,

Hope you are spending some time creating joy-filled stitches.

With Joy,

Sarah V

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