Aurifil BOM for November 2015 - Selvage Trees

>> Tuesday, November 24, 2015

selvages cut to make fabric

I've been wanting to make something with selvages again for awhile. Does this like it could be trees with snow on them?

Click here to get my free  How to Make Selvage Fabric Tutorial 

selvages stored in orange shoe boxes

I have them sorted and stashed in these orange shoe boxes waiting. 

selvages sewn to wrong side of fabric

I took the plunge! The temptation was too great :) 

November Aurifil Block of the Month by Bonnie Christine - click here to the interview with Pat Sloan . Scroll down and you'll find the link to download the pdf.

This time I sewed the selvages to the wrong side of a print in my stash that was having a hard time finding a happy home.

tracing trees onto heat n bond lite

These trees are quite detailed! I would never have drawn trees like this myself to use as applique motifs.

trees fused to selvage fabric

It was a little tricky to cut out the trees with *big scissors* as the fabric was thicker than a single layer of cotton.

But totally worth it!

trees on d schmidt fabric

Then I auditioned fabrics for the background. I hoard love this fabric! I think the flower bunches compete with the trees.

trees on light pink solid background

Then I tried this light pink solid. I am feeling the urge to play with this colour more. We'll see what the new year brings ;) 
Anyway, the trees seem okay on this, but it's not quite *me*. Maybe too much pink for me still.

trees on brown background

I like this! Maybe because I recently finished a quilt with this brown for the background and it feels comfortable to me. It also helps to ground the trees - I didn't like how they floated on the pink. 

The original pattern doesn't include the numbers, by the way. I had some selvage fabric left when I cut out the trees and wanted to use it all up ;)

nov 2015 aurifil bom with pink binding

By the time I finished this mini we did have a little bit of snow. Perfect for taking a photo on! And the pink did make it into this quilt as the binding - maybe a little wide, but I like it.

Now to find it a home in my house!

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With Joy,

Sarah V


A Quilty Day! {Pumpkins, Traffic Jam and Curling Rocks}

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2015

pumpkin blocks with scrappy setting triangles

It won't stop talking to me!
This quilt has pushed it's way to the top of my list even though I really should be working on others.
I'm giving in because it makes me grin every time I look at it.
So yesterday I got up and started working more on it.

third setting triangle 9 patch

I found enough large pieces of 9 fabrics to make another 9 patch to cut into setting triangles. I used the same fabric in the middle of this one as the other two. It adds a little control to this pretty vibrant quilt.

half of middle section of pumpkin block quilt sewn together

I got the block cut and half of the center sewn together before I headed out for the day.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sewing the rest together once I'm done writing this ;)

me with Shirley and Traffic Jam quilt

My husband and I went to Sudbury to visit and pick up my Traffic Jam quilt! My friend Shirley, who I met online through Pat Sloan's Quilt Mashup Group, quilted it for me.
I am so happy with the whole experience. It is truly amazing how much my quilting life has gained from the internet.

curling rocks runner blog size

Which led to my third quilty thing yesterday - my Curling Rocks Runner!

Shirley was my inspiration for this design as she loves curling. It was so fun to be able to give it to her as a way to say thanks for quilting my quilt for me.

AND there is a tutorial for the runner up this week at so you can make one for yourself or to make as a gift!

I hope you enjoyed my quilty day - I sure did :)

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With Joy,

Sarah V

p.s. If you like the runner can you please leave me comments about it over at Quilt Social? Thanks so much!!


Work in Progress - On Point Pumpkin Block Scrap Quilt

>> Thursday, November 12, 2015

I've been playing with my Harvest Joy pumpkin blocks. When I designed the wall hanging I also had in the back of my mind using the blocks to make a row quilt.


pumpkin blocks on point

This is what the pumpkin blocks look like on point with pieced setting triangles.

I just couldn't keep my eyes off of that row!

Every time I looked up from my computer I  grinned. I love the scrappy background and the blocks on point. 

pumpkin blocks with setting triangles as quilt top

I decided to cut some more setting triangles and then brought out my 9 patches to see if they wanted to play along too!

I have 2 more of the pumpkin blocks already made - and a daughter who's eyes lit up when I said this might turn into a twin size quilt!


I wanted it for me! 
Or at least as a fall couch quilt.

We'll see if Santa has an extra elf he can send to my quilt room to help me out ;)

Are you making a quilt - or two -  as Christmas gifts this year?

With Joy,

Sarah V


Design Wall Monday Night - Little Wishes

>> Monday, November 9, 2015

little wishes blocks nov 9

This is where I'm at with my Little Wishes blocks, a Pat Sloan scrap challenge. I sewed some of the 9 patches together while I finished sewing the borders on my Vacation Time quilt top.  I put what I have ready up to figure out what else I need to cut and get ready.

This challenge is *due* but of course, it's all for fun so no real pressure here. Plus, this quilt isn't really being made for anyone specific - it's more of a scrapbuster. 

I planned to keep all of the star points the lime green and didn't realize how dark most of my scraps are! I have seen some quilters put sashing between the blocks which I am now considering to hopefully lighten up the top.  

I also have a lot of scrap pieces that can make 2 1/2 inch squares so I'm considering making the top larger by doing a border of 9 patches. For the challenge the quilt only had to be crib size, but using up more scraps would be a bonus :)

We'll see. It's a work in progress of scrappy joy!

Do you prefer *scrappy joy* or *planned joy*?

You can see more design walls over at Judy's link up at Patchwork Times.

With Joy,

Sarah V


Finished Top Photo - Vacation Time Quilt

>> Saturday, November 7, 2015

vacation time quilt top outside

Another finish for me! And another sunny day without snow!
This is the Vacation Time Mystery Block of the Month designed by Pat Sloan and hosted on FreeQuiltPatterns.Info this year.

vacation time quilt top on studio floor

It was almost a finish last night (for a Friday night finish!) but I hadn't cut the striped border fabric ahead of time and it was giving me a headache trying to lineup the repeat pattern. After making a mistake I decided to wait until morning to finish the last side.

This is the top laid out in my quilting space. I had to move my desks out of the way to make enough room for it. I guess it didn't register that 68 x 68 inches is a big quilt!

husband and vac time quilt top

I think this guy might be more relieved than I am that the top  is together! Apparently I get a little agitated focused when I'm finishing a quilt top. At least he was a good sport and held it up for me today. Thanks, hon!

I'm adding my photo to Pat Sloan's link up post for the Vacation Time Quilt.

Now that this top is finished I need to buy some batting and backing to get it quilted in time for Christmas!

What are you finishing up this week?

Sarah V.

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