Sadie Paisley's Pillow Patch Club

>> Friday, April 24, 2015

Well. I don't know what to say. I put together my pillow pattern and started up The Club and forgot to tell you all about it!


The club will run until the end of 2015 and those who join will receive AT LEAST 12 pillow patterns: the majority will be for 16 inch pillow covers. Of course, Sadie is mostly inspired by bright, fun, easy pieced patterns so that's what most will be! (Selvages and some applique might sneak in there, but don't worry -we'll provide options so you only make what you enJOY making!)

The first pattern is for SPRING JOY. I've already made myself a runner using the pattern. It's a fun one to play with stripes, brights or special novelty prints. It's fat quarter friendly too:)

This weekend I'm hoping to get busy on May's pattern! I have lots of ideas and just need to focus focus focus.

So of course, the next post will be of something ELSE that I've been working on;)

Thanks for sharing in my Sewing JOY today,

Sarah V


Roosting Robin is Seeing Stars and a Club in the Works

>> Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I hope you had an enjoyable Easter weekend. I was sick for most of it, but when I finally felt better - it was right to my sewing space to try and catch up a bit!

I added borders to the top and bottom of the Roosting Robin top: I'm trying to make it rectangular so it is only a lap quilt. However, there are 3 more rounds to go and I'm not done this one yet!

It just might end up on my bed (secret squeal of glee - I may need to paint my bedroom to match!)

Now the "official" (very flexible) rules are to include at least 4 friendship stars in the next border. Never one to pass up an opportunity for a challenge, I decided to make the entire border of friendship stars - and wouldn't it be fun if it looked like they were floating!

Here is where I link to Michelle's excellent free tutorial for the block that really got me seeing the possibility of making all the stars.

Link to Michelle of Mishka's Playground/The Quilting Gallery Quartered Star Tutorial

This required some drawing out of my idea to get the math right (or right enough!) I wanted to make sure I had enough of the upper and outer border colours so the stars could float.

Then, it also being April, Pat Sloan released her free Vacation Time block of the month which just happens to feature - a friendship star.

Link to Pat Sloan's Vacation Time April BOM - The Penny Arcade

If you look closely at my drawing you see I have decided to incorporate Pat's 12 inch block at each corner. I've done some fancy figuring and am still at the hoping stage - hoping that I will have enough of the green with white polka dot fabric to go in each of those corner stars.

Time will tell.

This is as far as I actually got on the first bottom border.
There may only be a top border of stars to go with it.
Or there will be an unofficial extension granted so that I can get the other borders done too!

Because I also spent some of my quilting time taking final photos and writing a pattern to finally start a club!

Something easy and fun!  Sadie Paisley wanted to JUST CREATE ALREADY! So we are! I hope you'll join us;) I've still got more of the behind the scenes stuff to work out, but I'm hoping that by Saturday I'll be able to make it a real live thing for us to share with you!

With Joy,

Sarah V


New in my Space

>> Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Sunlight

A 'Me-Sized' Chair

A Field Guide by Janet Clare

Noteworth by Sweetwater

New (for me) Fabrics

Playing with Water colours

What's new in your space?

Thanks for sharing in my sewing Joy today,

Sarah V


Selvage JOY Pillow Cover - with Lace

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I made a selvage pillow to go with my Halloween 1904 quilt.
I used the selvages from the backing fabrics that I'm using.
This time I tried something different and added in some lace that I had in my stash. I actually had just enough for this project left - I love when that happens!

I used my Selvage JOY! Pillow Cover pattern and enjoyed that delightful surprise when you cut up fabric and put it back together in a new way:)

Making a selvage pillow from fabrics in a special project is a great memento. It also really helped me get excited to work with these fabrics again and gave me that nudge I needed to get to the next step with my Halloween 1904 quilt!

What project is nudging you these days?

Thanks for sharing in my sewing Joy,

Sarah V


Halloween 1904 Blocks Done!

>> Monday, March 30, 2015

All of my Halloween 1904 blocks are done!

I am delighted to say the least. It's been a long time coming. Mostly because I kept putting it aside to work on other projects.
Nothing like getting to a milestone to really make you want to reach the next one!

I'm also relieved that it will fit my queen size bed. It probably won't hang over as much as my husband would like - but he can use a different quilt :)

I'm putting this quilt together in the quilt as you go/panel method of quilting. The reverse side is fabrics cut from Double Chocolat lines by 3 Sisters (except two - the blues; one is a Buggy Barn print, the other is called Kensington).
This is the planned layout. You might be able to see the tan fabrics I have lined up around the edges - they need to be sewn onto the block size pieces for the border (the tan here is a Christmas line fabric - I have the selvage somewhere!)

The next step after I took these photos (which I resisted sharing on Facebook first!) was to pin together each block with its backing pieces. I have enough batting at home to start cutting it and quilt. Two of the blocks have been quilted for (ahem) years. . .

I discovered while laying out the blocks that I actually have an extra one - an extra front and back to be exact! I can almost remember the panic I had when I thought I didn't have enough oranges and my search and subsequent purchase of more orange for this project. Ha! Jokes on me:) I will use them to make a pillow for the bed - or elsewhere in the house.

A fun coincidence right now is that the book I'm reading has an awesome orange coloured title!

Have you reached any quilting milestones lately? Share in the comments with a link (if you have one!) and I'll check it out.

Thanks for sharing in my Joy today,

Sarah V

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