Start 2016 with a Vision of Finishing Quilts!

Start 2016 with a Vision of Finishing Quilts!
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Quilting Progress on my Halloween 1904

>> Thursday, February 4, 2016

hw 1904 star block

I have been supply teaching more and, in between preparing projects and posts for other places, I've been quilting my Halloween 1904 quilt by Blackbird Designs.

hw pumpkin block

I finished quilting two of the blocks on the bottom panel of my quilt including my first pumpkin block! 

closeup hw pumpkin block

I quilted around the pumpkin, star and leaves with a brown Aurifil thread. 

back of hw pumpkin block

Here you can see the quilting stitches on the back. I am working to complete this quilt in time for my birthday later this month. On this side you can see I used fabrics from Three Sisters Double Chocolat line - a perfect quilt for the month of Valentines. Although I'll be honest that I'll probably want to look at the pumpkins too - all that orange!

side column and bottom panel of hw 1904

This has been an ongoing UFO for several years! If you've followed along (thanks!) you would know that my initial quilting plan was to quilt each block individually - attaching the borders to the outside blocks- then sew them together. The side column you can see here is all quilted. I finally finished sewing the back seam between one set of those blocks this week.

I recently put the rest of the need-to-be-quilted blocks together into two panels. This bottom panel is the one I am working on quilting now. It fits beautifully through the harp space of the machine I am currently reviewing - you'll get to read that later this month! It has definitely upgraded the quilting experience for me.

I can't wait to get home tonight and quilt some more!

Linking up my progress in two places today -

With Joy,

Sarah V.


What Thriving Looks Like - My Word of the Year

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2016

thrive word pic
Thriving is definitely happening over here! I wish I could say it feels good all of the time, but I'm still learning to stop, look, and listen { like in fire drills at school:) }


traffic jam quilt in use

I have a hard time stopping to celebrate success. A finished quilt is definitely up there as a highlight for me - and yet. Well, here's one from Christmas in use. It really makes me feel good to make things that people use. I need to enjoy a finish and not glance immediately at my UFO pile!

Part of me wants to make things to try out new ideas, but I always fall back into the story that it has to be useful too.

I am growing my notion of useful to include -
and challenging. 
For me and/or for others.


pink ott light closed

Look for me means to take stock at what I need to keep being inspired and making. Christmas offered the time to buy some additions to my quilting space to make it easier to enjoy my quilting time.

A pink task light is a great addition. I can move it around where I need it. So far it has helped me do some hst trimming late at night and to take some better lit photos.

ott task light open on new mat

I also finally got a new cutting mat. This one has a light side and a dark side. This is only my third mat in 20 years of quilting - I was definitely overdue! It is so nice to see the lines and not get stuck in a rut :)

Looking around I realize how much my quilting space has grown this year. (It's changed a bit again!) It's always ready for me to walk in and work. Having a dedicated place to quilt makes it easier for me to *flick the switch* and begin.


yellow selvage heart on string

This yellow selvage heart on a string LOOKS like Thriving to Me. When I stop and listen to my reasons it's really quite simple:

I felt safe to ACT on my wonder

When I wonder I listen deeply to myself. 
I turn off the devices and shut the magazines and I take a walk.
I look to nature for inspiration.
I look at the colors and the textures.
When I stop listening to my inner critic I feel safe to play. 

As more opportunities come my way I stop to remind myself what Thriving Looks Like: 

When I ACT on my wonder I Sew JOY

Remember to Stop, Look and Listen to your wonder,

Sarah V

monkey mug on mug rug

This week I'm blogging over at with a tutorial for a Lucky Monkey Tail Mug Rug! Come see!


Works in Progress Mid-January 2016

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2016

temecula basket mini

We finally have snow! Two snow falls and it's hard to remember we could see the grass at Christmas time.

temecula quilt co basket mini

My first official finish of 2016 is this Temecula Quilt Company mini basket quilt. It's been sitting stashed away waiting to be quilted and I finally just did it. Although unexpected, I'm pretty delighted with the odd binding prints that add a little bit of colour and help bring your eye back to the baskets.

Dream block from Friends on Chelsea Lane

The colours are a little off in this one - that's what happens when all of your quilting time happens after hours! This block from Friends on Chelsea Lane (by Pat Sloan) snuck under my needle. I needed to finish blanket stitching around the leaves. I still have to stitch the ric rac down. This is how I'm trying to resist joining any more Block of the Month programs this year - I have this one to work on and I love it. 

echo with halloween 1904 pinned

I AM trying to stay on track with this quilt. My Halloween 1904 (by Blackbird Designs) quilt blocks received a lot of attention over the New Year's Luau/online retreat. I have now pinned one of the panels in preparation to quilt this weekend. A reward for surviving supply teaching in kindergarten this week :) Actually, teaching kindergarten is pretty rewarding all on its own!

There's my week or two of progress so far this year!

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Network this week - check out some more Canadians making with fibre this winter.

With Joy,

Sarah V


My Saved Stash is Blooming into a Secret Garden

>> Sunday, January 10, 2016

I couldn't resist any longer!

secret garden stash fabrics

Pat Sloan got me again! She rocks at designing blocks that pull me in and her newest Block of the Month *My Secret Garden* is no exception. This is my stash of fabrics - lots of blue! - that I am going to finally let bloom into a quilt!

Pat Sloan My Secret Garden

january VP board

I am proud to say that I planned my projects before I started cutting to make the first block!
I'm using my Visual Project List Board to help me focus on finishing this year.

Subscribe to my newsletter and get my templates to make your own Visual Project List board

Then I dove in!

Secret Garden Block 1

I'm keeping this block on my design wall for a little longer - it makes me smile to look at it :)

Are you quilting for YOU this year? I hope so!

With Joy,

Sarah V


Quilting into a New Year

>> Wednesday, January 6, 2016

mini christmas temecula quilt co 2015

Happy New Year!
I finished my Mini Christmas over the holidays and planned what quilts I want to focus for the beginning of this year.

Halloween 1904 top blocks

Over New Year's weekend {as part of the annual luau with my Pat Sloan friends} I decided I want to finally finish and enjoy my Halloween 1904 quilt. Instead of keeping going by quilting each block separately then sewing them together I decided to put them together into two panels.

bottom panel of Halloween 1904 quilt

See how they fit together? !

I will quilt each panel - which are the size of oversize baby quilts/small lap quilts - then machine sew the front panels and handstitch the backing together.

*I do have the far column of blocks put together and will have to sew and handstitch this to the joined panels.

And THEN I will be done! Except for adding the binding. . . !

top backing of Halloween 1904

I sewed together the backings too. This is my motivation for getting the quilt done by my birthday at the end of February - this side is mostly Double Chocolat prints by 3 Sisters. I love these fabrics almost as much as I love the Halloween side!

bottom back panel of Halloween 1904

I now have to get some batting and hopefully this weekend and pin one of these sets to start quilting.

I did a little more quilting too, but blogger won't let me add any more photos to this post?!? so I'll save them for next time!

Did you QUILT to bring in the New Year?

With Joy,

Sarah V

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