Table Runner Challenge Met - Times Two!

>> Monday, July 20, 2015

Seldom does Pat Sloan issue a challenge that I don't take on! Who can blame me when she makes such great patterns:)  This challenge was a table runner challenge using one of her patterns.

Since I've started to really follow my own advice and use my Visual Project List Board to stay focused and work on the projects that I really really really want to finish, I haven't been joining in with everything I find on the internet that looks fun!

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BUT some challenges are really tempting!

And when I could talk myself into making a runner out of the cute snowman that I've loved since I saw him and bought the book, and that I could gift the runner so that it would be useful, I couldn't resist!

Here he is! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I think I'm going to leave off his eyes since it's supposed to be a table runner: I was thinking of using buttons, but for now he's done:)

I used several of the Aurifil threads I won from Pat from her Eat your Fruits n' Veggies line - I love that quilt too! I used the orange, brown, pink and blue.
Check out Pat's post with links to all the educational videos she's made about Aurifil Thread.

For the white and greys I used this variegated grey Aurifil, which I believe I won from Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studios. Love variegated thread!

Love WINNING thread:)

Okay. So that's one table runner done. Funny thing is, this one was very involved: I needed to figure out some alternative applique methods because I'm all out of heat n' bond fusible. Instead I traced the bigger shapes onto freezer paper and ironed them onto the fabrics to cut out. For the smaller pieces I used Misty Fuse and fused the fabric then cut out the shapes. So this was not done in one day! 

In the mean time. . .

I remembered that I had one more Bold Delight place mat finished that was to go with this set of Striped Delight mats. I even had some of the rose fabric wrapped into a cut piece of batting waiting. I realized I could use one of Pat's Vacation Time blocks and make another runner speedy quick!

So here's my SECOND runner for the challenge - Pat's July Vacation Time block with additional borders added.

While it might be a little on the small side, it fits perfectly on my little table with my Adirondack set on the back porch!

And the whole reason I remembered I wanted the runner done was because it was finally time to put up my Happiness Key quilt - another Pat Sloan project! - which my place mats match.

Definitely a fun distraction that produced two functional pieces of art!

You can see all of the table runners made from Pat's patterns and get inspired here.

Remember to enjoy the process as much as finishing the project:)

With Joy,

Sarah V.


The Rainbow Roosting Robin Quilt is Growing

>> Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I have been able to keep working on my Roosting Robin quilt. I got the final friendship star border made and attached to the quilt.
Here it is laying out on my queen size bed.

I didn't take any photos of the quilt off the bed, but you can see that it needs to be at least a little longer. The quilt underneath is my Liberated Churn Dash Quilt and I know from using it that I'd like this quilt to be a little longer.

So what's next?

The next round called for a ribbon or twisted border. I've been thinking about a herringbone quilt for awhile now and thought maybe I could do something like that with selvages. Adding selvages is kind of a prerequisite for this quilt - I love to use them!
I started by making 3 1/2 inch blocks and realized they would look too small on the quilt.
Then I made 6 1/2 inch blocks. I thought I would put these just at the top and bottom of the quilt to give it more length.

Then I played a little more!

I turned it into a heart!
I'm calling it a Selvage Heart on a String - because the middle strip is actually a 'string' of fabric and not a selvage. 
{Think I'll do up a tutorial for it too}
Pretty neat, eh!
And I will only need 5 to go across the top of my quilt! Which means I will have enough of that polka dot green fabric to make another heart for the bottom row:)

I could have stopped there, but I didn't! I'm really trying to plan out what I'm working on so I know what fabrics I'll be using and how much time it's going to take to do things. I like to have projects at different stages on the go and now this project feels like two - because I figured out my next border too!

The next border could be curves and I have wanted to make this Snakes in the Grass quilt for quite some time. The quilt is from the Emilie Richards quilting book I won awhile ago.

Quilt Along with Emilie Richards - Sister's Choice

Part of the reason why I've put it off is because it's made of templates! Not a big deal, but it does slow down the process. 

That's what I love about the summer - time to sit on the porch and drink coffee and really let my mind wander into my quilts and not feel rushed or hurried to get some quilting time in. 
I thought about making the block simpler.
Make it less units in the curve - make the curve one piece?
Why not make the background one piece and applique the curve on!

I decided to make the background one piece and to simplify the curve by making it only one on each block AND by making it only 3 colours. This photo shows how I made the curve template twice the size, omitting the middle seam allowance.

Join 2 blocks and make a rainbow! 
I'm so happy with my next two rows I can't wait!

If you're still reading - thank you! - and here's a peek at my drawn out design for the last two rows. 
Another friend suggested that the liberated churns could be a row - I've decided I can make the corners for the rainbow row into churns. It will be better than what I've planned here - half rainbows.

My reds are all cut out! 

Linking up this week with The Needle and Thread Network; go visit some more Canadian quilters:)

With Joy,

Sarah V.


The Rainbow Continues - Roosting Robin Update

>> Thursday, July 9, 2015

It fits! After laying out my sewn together friendship stars for the side border I realized I needed 7 stars not 6 for the side. Makes sense. The sides are supposed to be longer as I try to make this quilt rectangular!

Spurred on by my success {grin} I set to work picking out the fabrics for the 4th border. This one will be reds as you can see from the top photo. I even cut my spacer rows and the pieces for the final corner block which is Penny Arcade by Pat Sloan, part of her free Vacation Time pattern.
The small, quartered stars are from Michelle at the Quilting Gallery. It was serendipity that they both released these blocks when the next row came out for this quilt requiring friendship stars.

Now I need to look ahead to see what the next row is so I don't let this quilt sit too long! I find the longer I wait to start the next step the longer I take to get back to it. Sound familiar?

Linking up to The Needle and Thread Network - it's their 200th WIP Wednesday!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


July Vacation Time Block

>> Wednesday, July 8, 2015

This month's Vacation Time block - Hotdog Stand by Pat Sloan - reads like a churn dash block. This is the last one with a frog in the middle. I really like how the green brings out the frog, but I didn't like how the corners of the churn - the yellow triangles - get lost beside that funky red/purple fiesta.

Version 2. Well, moving the green to the outside edge does nothing for the churn dash. The block seems confused, although it does look bigger than the first version.  Now I was really not happy because since this is a stash quilt, this is pretty much all of the green I have left. I don't have the luxury of picking different places to put the green in the block. Time to step back and look at the fabrics and what they are telling me about value and position in this block. Maybe the churn has to go.

I'm much happier with this version! The frog actually looks like the focus now with the lighter colour triangles on the inside of the block. I have used the yellow as background in other blocks so it's not a big deal here to flip the corners (one of the reasons I hadn't flipped them was trying to keep the toile a background fabric not a block feature print. Oh well!)

The layout for this quilt is not traditional rows and columns of blocks. I'm looking forward to being creative when it comes to all the 'fill in' blocks to come.

You can see a whole bunch of different versions of this block in different colours on Pat's blog here - Vacation Time Block 7. Notice how value placement effects the way you see the block - especially the size of it.

Thanks for sharing in my quilting JOY today,

Sarah V.

p.s. I still have my selvage kits if you are interested - check them out here!


Happy Fourth!

>> Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth to you and yours!

I used up the last 6 layer cake pieces from my Double Delight placemats and made a quick 6th using my free Charmed Placemats pattern.

It's posing on my new Little Red Writing Set on the front porch.

I love it! A place to write and enjoy the summer breeze.

Those chairs are looking a little bare though. Hmmmm.

Guess what I realized when starting this post? 
This pillow cover is my fourth pillow pattern! Neat, eh!

So in the spur of the moment of synchronicity and serendipity and because I CAN

my newest pattern - Spring JOY! Pillow Cover will be on sale for $4.00 this month!

Quick piecing and happy prints make for an easy project. Plus it's easy to customize the look with fat quarters from your stash. This time I quilted the front which gives it a perky finish!

Wishing you some JOYful quilting time,

Sarah V

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