Merry Christmas in July

Pillows for Presents - Christmas in July

>> Monday, July 28, 2014

Merry Monday to you! I hope you had a relaxing weekend and maybe (just maybe) took in some of the festive online activities. 

My special compilation Sew JOY Patterns (Sew Far!) 
is only available until July 31. 
- a great deal and lots of time to make them into gifts:)

Remember to download my new FREE charm-friendly placemat pattern too! It's really quick and easy - great for your house or to make for gifts. Click here to get CHARMED Placemats.

If it seem like I make a few pillows. . .

you'd be right!

I love to make pillows as gifts and to try out new ideas. Sometimes I just have a fabric that I want to look at a lot so I make it into a pillow for my living room ;)



To win a copy of both patterns please leave a comment about 
what you would put on a Christmas pillow (colour, design, image. . .)

Please be sure to click to the blog post to leave your comment (not as an email from a reader)
Also, if you are a no-reply blogger, please be sure to leave your contact email in your comment.

Thanks and good luck!

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


Celebrating Seven - Day 3 of Christmas in July

>> Sunday, July 27, 2014

This little cutie turns 7 today! 
I made this wallhanging for him as a surprise Christmas gift. 

It was based on his (very detailed) drawing of the train and I used the Scrap Applique Playground book by Kay Mackenzie to inspire the background and make the cute flowers. You can see some other things I made using the book here.

My son is pretty easy to make gifts for - I think I've made him the most quilts of anyone in our house!
This quilt I made for him another Christmas as a surprise - and he didn't like it!!
 It was too big he said:(
(This quilt was a mystery quilt so it was fun for me to make!)

This was the latest quilt I made him - he was happier with the size! The bright blocks were blocks I made with my sister years ago. The back has train fabric and a strip of leftover blocks. This is the side that he has UP most often:)

Before I get to today's giveaway I need to remind you that my Sew JOY Patterns (Sew Far!) compilation is only available this week - July 25 - July 31 - for $25. Get your copy here.

Leave a comment to WIN a copy at this post. 

Remember to pick up my new free charm-friendly placemat pattern

Then come back for today's giveaway!


My Liberated Churn Dash quilt was made as a gift for my husband.

You can win a copy of this pattern today!

Leave a comment telling me who you make gifts for -
 who it's easiest to make for, what you like to make as gifts, your best gift giving/receiving story.

*You can get a 2nd chance today by leaving a separate comment about 
which of my patterns you would use for a gift:)*

Comments are open until the end of the day July 31, 2014.

If you are a no reply blogger, please leave an email address in your comment.
Please click over to the blog and leave your comment there (not in an email).

Happy Birthday, Sam!

love mom


Making and Wrapping - Christmas in July Day 2

>> Saturday, July 26, 2014

This is Day 2 of 7 celebrating Christmas in July.

My compilation, Sew JOY Patterns (Sew Far!) is for sale this week at Craftsy for $25. 
Get your copy today!

You could WIN a copy on this post - go leave a comment and come back for today's giveaway:)

Today's pattern giveaway is for Ribbon and Wrap - 2 block sizes and 3 patterns

I was inspired to use up my little Christmas selvages and created this quilt. It only takes 2 fat quarters and the selvage strips to make.  The name 'ribbon & wrap' came when I alternated the direction of every other block - I thought it looked like wrapping a present with a wide ribbon.

Of course you could make the block bigger and make one into a pillow cover - or more to make a whole quilt!

After I made the pillow on the right, I still had some selvages left so I made 3 small blocks into a runner. I made it to fit a little ledge my daughter has on her dresser. (Of course I made a quilt to go with it, but it's not quilted yet!)

Making this pattern inspired me to put together this tutorial on making selvage fabric.

You can get a copy of it here (it's free!) How to Make Selvage Fabric

I have lots of tutorials at my tutorials page - several perfect for Christmas making!

These and more are at my TUTORIALS page


Please leave a COMMENT about a tutorial you have used OR created to make gifts.
You can leave a link to a blog post about what you made
OR a link to your tutorial or the tutorial you used.

For a second chance, you can add a link to a second gift or tutorial.

If you are a no reply blogger, please leave an email address in your comment.

PLEASE leave your comment ON the blog post (and not by email from a reader)

Comments are open on this post until the end of the day July 31, 2014.
Come back and enjoy the links later in the week:)


With Joy,

Sarah Vee


Merry Christmas in July

>> Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome to Christmas in July! I have a week of giving planned for you. When the idea of having a sale in July was rumbling around in my head (as it is in SO many places these days!) it wasn't much more than an idea to offer one great deal. 

I put together all of my published patterns (so far!) 
into a zip file 
and I'm offering it at $25 
from July 25- July 31

That includes all of these patterns

which also includes

ALL of these  downloadable patterns for $25!

So, that's my one great deal! I really hope you take the opportunity to purchase my patterns and make gifts for yourself and your family and friends. 

As I started thinking about putting on this special sale I thought that it would be even more fun to simply give you a gift. . . 

So I sewed up this really quick & simple placemat pattern using charm squares to share.

Merry Christmas in July!

Click on the placemat photo or HERE to get to the free CHARMED Placemats Pattern.

I used the really cute line from Bunny Hill "Winter Wonderland" that I also used to make my Primitive Joy {Christmas}. I think I'm starting to understand the love people have for red and white quilts!

But wait! What's a sale without a giveaway!

Here's my 2nd (or is it 3rd?) great idea


Leave a comment on THIS post between July 25 and July 31 to win

You can get several more chances. For EACH one of the items below, add a new comment on this post:

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LINK to my giveaway (THIS post please!) on your blog/facebook - add another comment


The Giveaway will stay open until end of the day on July 31 (think of it as New Year's Eve!)
I will email the winner and announce it on the blog.
If you are a no reply blogger, be sure to leave an email address in your comment.

*Please click over to my blog to leave your comments - only comments on the blog post (not via email) will be counted. Thanks:)


Be sure to visit every day this week as once my good ideas started it was hard to stop!
I will be having a giveaway EACH day from July 26 - July 31 featuring one of my patterns.
Leave a post on the individual dates to enter.

I hope you enjoy my Christmas in July festivities. I know there is lots going on to push the season upon us early. I hope my blog leaves you feeling joyful and inspired to celebrate quilting for friends and family and for yourself throughout the year!


With Joy,

Sarah V


Batiks still sparkling

>> Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I changed my mind again about the mini batik 9 patches! I still love them, but now I'm doing this instead; I had planned to do a 9 patch with a single batik charm, but then I did this and I love it. There were about 5 solid batiks in the charm pack and I knew they would stick out when I made them. I tried putting one in the middle and forgot about my plan to use the single blue batik charms and started sewing all the nine patches together!

Now I'm thinking of this as ONE nine patch and making a wallhanging that will look like an Irish Chain. An Irish chain made out of batiks? Well, my mind is thinking up all kinds of stuff this week!

Today I wrote up directions for a free tutorial to make placemats using charms - a theme around here right now! I used ric rac and Christmas fabric as I am planning a week of pattern giveaways to promote a sale on my patterns. 

I'm calling it "Sew Joy Patterns Sew Far" and have put all of my patterns (so far!) together for $25.
I thought this was a fun way to do a Christmas in July sale. 

I made another version of my Primitive Joy pattern in Christmas fabrics - it makes me smile:)
I made the tree with selvages which was probably the part I enjoyed the most!

Needless to say, I would love it if you came back to visit my blog on July 25th! 
You could always follow with Bloglovin' (wink wink)
The free placemat pattern goes live that day as does the sale of my patterns. I'm planning a week of pattern giveaways and some fun comment questions/link ups to get us in the mood to sew for Christmas.

Funny, this was the hottest, most humid day of summer here so far! But I'll settle for the frozen coffee ice cubes in my ice coffee for another month or two!

Linking up with the Needle and Thread Network - check out some creative Canucks here.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee

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