Halloween 1904 Blocks Done!

>> Monday, March 30, 2015

All of my Halloween 1904 blocks are done!

I am delighted to say the least. It's been a long time coming. Mostly because I kept putting it aside to work on other projects.
Nothing like getting to a milestone to really make you want to reach the next one!

I'm also relieved that it will fit my queen size bed. It probably won't hang over as much as my husband would like - but he can use a different quilt :)

I'm putting this quilt together in the quilt as you go/panel method of quilting. The reverse side is fabrics cut from Double Chocolat lines by 3 Sisters (except two - the blues; one is a Buggy Barn print, the other is called Kensington).
This is the planned layout. You might be able to see the tan fabrics I have lined up around the edges - they need to be sewn onto the block size pieces for the border (the tan here is a Christmas line fabric - I have the selvage somewhere!)

The next step after I took these photos (which I resisted sharing on Facebook first!) was to pin together each block with its backing pieces. I have enough batting at home to start cutting it and quilt. Two of the blocks have been quilted for (ahem) years. . .

I discovered while laying out the blocks that I actually have an extra one - an extra front and back to be exact! I can almost remember the panic I had when I thought I didn't have enough oranges and my search and subsequent purchase of more orange for this project. Ha! Jokes on me:) I will use them to make a pillow for the bed - or elsewhere in the house.

A fun coincidence right now is that the book I'm reading has an awesome orange coloured title!

Have you reached any quilting milestones lately? Share in the comments with a link (if you have one!) and I'll check it out.

Thanks for sharing in my Joy today,

Sarah V


March Vacation Time Block

>> Wednesday, March 25, 2015

This month it's a happy travelling frog in my block.
Of course, I changed the block up a bit.
AND I didn't realize how similar it is to the last block - I think I may have discovered a designer secret (shhh!)

My three blocks look really happy together, but I know that they will be spread out in the final layout of the quilt (Pat includes a layout photo each month). It's a good thing they will be spread out as they might be the last ones with the toile background.

We'll see what next month brings!

You can still of course quilt along too.
The block of the month is free and posted on the  Free Quilt Patterns website - but it might be easier just to follow Pat Sloan (somewhere - she's everywhere!) I still enjoy a good blog post so that's where I'll direct you;) Here's the page on her blog for her sew alongs.

With Joy,
Sarah V.


Stuck at Orange - Progress A Plenty

>> Monday, March 23, 2015

Hi, remember me?!

Yes, it was March Break last week and I did get to sew up quite a few things. But never did make time to blog about it!
My apologies.

It does seem that several of my projects are stuck at orange - they need orange fabric of some shade and size to get to the next step.(I guess not ALL of my projects just some I'm trying to move ahead!)

My orange fabrics are tied up in my Halloween 1904 which I'm happy to report I have completed sewing on all the black half square triangles. I plan to do a post about it by the weekend(?) that shows the final three blocks blanket stitched and bordered. (I use that 'plan' word loosely!) Let's just say I stitched one tonight and have the thread (and foot) ready for tomorrow night:)

This quilt is waiting for orange. The Primitive Gatherings 10th Anniversary Stitch Along.
I did complete this border of square in a square blocks which measure 2 inches (square) each! It's now too heavy to hang on my design wall . . .

The next border is a thin one which I want to be orange - although this picture makes it look like pink will do!

I'll be back really soon with another post. If I post once a day this week I should be caught up!

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


February New Food Links

>> Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feel free to skip this post and come back next time for another quilting one. Or maybe you just might want to try a recipe or two. ;)

We started eating plant based, whole foods thanks to the Forks over Knives documentary on Netflix.

You can view their website and watch the documentary if it interests you.

Forks over Knives

Not only have my husband and I noticed a significant change in our energy levels, it's also been surprising in a number of different ways. My teeth feel clean! My breath never gets really smelly. . . My hair doesn't get as oily. . . You can see where I'm going with this!

I won't even mention the feeling of BEING healthy and the lost weight and the improved blood pressure rates and resting heart rates.

I could go on, but instead I'm making this post to start saving all the new recipe links in one place! It is my web log after all.

Banana Bites - taste like banana bread but really moist (wet banana bread?) not everyone's cup of tea here, but a really healthy sweet treat.
From the blog The Simple Veganista

 Hearty Potato Kale Lentil Soup - this is Chicken noodle soup for vegans - without the chicken or the noodles! Love how this smells and tastes. Everyone here likes to eat it too - an added bonus!
From the blog Hummusapien - love the name! I subscribed immediately. Love her voice and style. She posts an informative (for this new vegan!) post every Wednesday on what she ate for the week.

Vegan Red Beans and Rice - at my husband's request I searched for and found this recipe. Everyone ate it as well. Hubby and I mashed this up and put it in tacos too.
From BudgetBytes - not everything here is vegan, but enough good ideas to keep me coming back!

Jamie Oliver Vegan{Blueberry}  Pancakes! Second time's the charm! The recipe only makes 4 pancakes (!) and the first time I tried to double parts of it to make more. Second time I just added a full cup of flour (instead of 125 g) and they looked and tasted even better. {The blueberry is in brackets because I haven't added any to ours yet and the pancakes still turned out}

BEFORE we started eating vegan, we were already trying out vegetarian dishes.

Kusherie Egyptian Rice has been linked here before but I'm adding it to this post too. (They've changed the setup of this website - not sure I like it tonight. We'll see how well I like it next time I make Kusherie!)

One more too!

Potato Leek Soup - made tons and it's all portioned out for lunches.

I guess we've been trying a lot of new things this month! Not listed are the things we created ourselves (butternut squash soup, refried beans, hummus) and the recipe I've made 3 times now for Lemon Oatmeal cookies that are included in the Forks over Knives app. I think I made the Black Eyed Peas Burgers from the app too!

Here's looking to more foodie adventures in March!

I'd love it if you have a vegan dish to share with me; we're on the lookout for soups, baking and the elusive slow cooker meal!

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


Getting Clear about Sewing JOY

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The key is Consistency.

Showing up and doing the work you are meant to do to receive the guidance, support and inspiration to keep doing the work.

Still working, but now more Consistently, on my Halloween 1904 blocks.

Consistency might require chunking of tasks to keep moving forward.

To finish you need to start!

This border of the Primitive Gatherings 10th anniversary stitch along looked tedious. So many steps to make the square in a square blocks! Trimming and more trimming!

But the results!

Seeing the first couple of blocks made - and turn out the right size! - keeps me motivated to keep going. It's been my leader and ender this past little while which has helped make the process not feel like work.

Even as I realize that I didn't quite plan right and I will need to find another fabric for the outside squares! We'll see what I come up with ;)

This little bit of sewing happened on the weekend before my birthday.
With CLARITY as my word for the year, I feel like I need to say
Thank You to all of you who read my blog and share your thoughts.

It's becoming very clear to me that I create for myself
and share to inspire others to do the same.

Create Some JOY today,

Sarah V

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