Finished Uppercase Churn Baby Churn quilt

>> Friday, October 21, 2016

I am tickled to have finish on a Friday!

churn baby churn baby quilt sewjoycreations design

I finished my Churn Baby Churn baby quilt for my son's teacher. I've started to call it Uppercase Churn Baby Churn because it is almost completely made with prints from the Uppercase fabric line (the numbers print was my addition).

pumpkins and baby quilt pattern Churn Baby Churn by sewjoycreations

I lucked out with some overcast fall weather this morning to take the quilt out onto my front porch for a quick photo shoot. My first finished quilt with a straw bale in the photo :)

The light was just right for capturing the quilting too. I didn't do a lot - I sewed in the ditch of most of the churn dashes. Here you can see straight lines angled out from the middle.

Remember the back?

quilt backing cross patchwork design reverse side of baby quilt

After designing the back using up two patch blocks and creating a cross, I really started to think of the quilt as reversible. So much so that I wanted the quilting to compliment the back too. I actually started to quilt with the back face up going down one long side of the cross - just to see if it the quilting line would match up well enough on the front with the churn dashes.

Well, it could have been good enough, and maybe if it wasn't a gift it would have been, but I ripped out that line and quilted it from the churn dash side instead. I went around the cross 1/4" away from the patches then I did diagonal lines coming out from the center of the cross.

quilting closeup radiating diagonal lines from cross center

This photo shows the diagonal line quilting better. Here you can also see the stitching in the ditch of the churn dashes that don't intersect with the cross - see them up in the blue part?

I used the blue for the binding too - it matches pretty closely with the Uppercase blue on the front.

closeup quilting front Churn Baby Churn baby quilt

I understand now why people take so many photos of their finishes - I'm really happy with this one! Plus because I'm gifting it, it's nice to have these photos that show how the quilting detail so I can remember what I did in case I want to do this again;)

You can find my Churn Baby Churn baby quilt pattern in my Etsy and Craftsy shops.

Do you have a finish to share this week?

Linking up for the first time at Confessions of a Fabric Addict - Can I Get a Whoop Whoop? - click over just to see the cool quilt she made with mens' ties! There's a lot more eye candy too ;)

With Joy,

Sarah V.

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Final Secret Garden Block and Sashings

>> Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Secret Garden by Pat Sloan bonus block for September

The final block for Pat Sloan's mystery called My Secret Garden {hosted at FreeQuiltPatterns} is out and finished. The block above is last month's bonus block that I didn't share here before. 

My Secret Garden by Pat Sloan October block

This month's block has a frame of squares around it. If you look at Pat's blocks you'll see she used squares in two different colors - blue and red. At this point I didn't have enough of two colors, but I did have pieces of several different dark blue fabrics. I decided to alternate dark blue with the other fabrics I still had left. 

secret garden quilt top with sashing

Here are my blocks sewn together with the inner sashings. I decided to only use shades of blue, purple and green instead of going "rainbow" like I showed in my last Secret Garden post. I still need to add the final sashing and border.

Pat mentioned that she's currently having a "thing" for light borders. Interesting, eh? I was still in shopping mode for my border when I watched this month's video so I hadn't actually purchased any of the dark blue fabrics that I'd been looking at online for my border. Lucky for me some of my favourite online quilt shops decided to have sales at the beginning of the month!

fabric for secret garden border and binding

I lucked out and found the light green colorway of this butterfly print from Tula Pink - it's the same as the middle on the top block of this post. I realized this could be my border print and I could trying going light too ;)
I bought the other print because it reminds me of the favourite blue print I've been using in this quilt - and it's also a Denyse Scmidt print. I'm going to use it as binding as it's a really fun dot print but would still blend a bit with the border fabric.

Unfortunately it means the fabric strips I had set aside for the final outer sashings will blend in too - so it's back to the fabric stash for that!!

Pat has incentivized getting the top done this month with a giveaway. Needless to say I'm working on it;)

I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network

With Joy,

Sarah V.

p.s. I've also finally listed my Sam's Basket wall hanging pattern. It's at a special *New Release* price of $1.50 US until October 25. A great opportunity to try out one of my patterns if you haven't yet;)


How I made my Churn Baby Churn quilt reversible

>> Thursday, October 13, 2016

I'm back to share some progress on my Churn, Baby, Churn Dash quilt. In my last post I showed the fabrics I selected for the churn dashes. I finally got some deadline quilting done and focused again on this quilt. I spent two, one hour sessions making the last 6 churns I needed. 

churn baby churn dashes on design wall

I posted my progress on Instagram where you can see a different arrangement of these blocks. I first laid them out in the same way I had organized my original piles of churn dash and background fabrics - then I walked away. I came back a couple of times, looked at the photo again and made some changes. I really didn't want the colours to read in any particular way, but I did want to spread out the dark backgrounds and the blue churns. I also noticed that I could lay out the blocks so the squares that formed where the blocks joined would each have one light section. After all that thinking and rearranging it was time to sew them together!

I'd love to show you a nice "beauty" shot of the top pieced together, but it's Fall here and lately we've had a lot of rainy, overcast days. Plus I've been quilting at night so my inside pictures are pretty dark too.

Instead I thought I'd share what the BACK of the quilt looks like:

reverse side of baby quilt made of leftover 2 patches

I'm pretty pleased with this design! It came to me as I was walking home from my local quilt store where I bought the text fabric and blue polka dot fabric. The fabric says Teach Them To Sing Teach Them to  Care Teach Them To Love etc. - some great fabric for a teacher! Click here for a closer look.

I knew I had several two patch units left and I was thinking about ways to incorporate them into the back. I thought about just making a row of them across the quilt and then thought of making it into a cross because my son goes to a Catholic school.

My math skills were put to the test in figuring out how to cut my directional text fabric so I would have enough. Remember I said I thought of this on my way HOME from the quilt store - I definitely didn't have enough of the text fabric. The blue I bought for the binding as it matches with the blue in the Uppercase fabrics. Then I was thinking about how this was a quilt for kids and how when they first start drawing pictures of "outside" they make the classic line of sky at the top. I measured the blue fabric and realized I could make two pieces for the top parts and still have some left for binding!

This quilt is in hurry up mode as we got a letter home late last week saying that NEXT Monday will be the teacher's last day before her maternity leave. Slight panic here as I am working the next few days then have company this weekend and our little town's Fibre Festival too!

Wish me luck!

With Joy,

Sarah V.

p.s. there's still time for YOU to make a Churn, Baby, Churn Dash quilt - you can buy a copy of the pattern at Craftsy ;)

churn baby churn dash baby quilt from sewjoycreations


Churn Baby Churn Quilt Along into October

>> Saturday, October 1, 2016

This is me not showing you a completed Churn Baby Churn Dash quilt! Life got busy, I got distracted and then I decided to work on another project with a deadline first. Here is my bin of churn dash fabrics, covered with the new Quilt Sampler magazine and some selvage squares.

If you read my newsletter you'll know that I was bribing myself with the new Quilt Sampler magazine - get something done and I could get the magazine. Needless to say I got my reward and was not disappointed with the stores inside of it. The cover quilt is calling my name! 

Subscribe to my newsletter and find out what my next carrot is - look for another newsletter soon! But, back to the churn dashes. 

In the last post I showed you several different choices for the churn dash fabrics. Here are my choices for the quilt I'm making for my son's teacher:

a mix of light, bright and dark fabrics for the churns will make a cheerful quilt

My choices for the churn dash fabrics are a mix of light, bright and dark. This way I can play with contrast between the background fabrics too. I like a quilt that dances!

pick two background fabrics for each churn dash block
MAKING TIP: Use a photo like this to keep you organized as you sew your blocks together. I refer back to mine often!

The next challenge is to decide on two background fabrics for each churn dash block. 

two complimentary background fabrics

For this bright green I chose two black background prints. The contrast between the churn and the background will be the most obvious. I love the size of the graphics on the Uppercase fabrics because they work so well for different size blocks. 

two light backgrounds offer strong contrast to bright churn

Choosing two light background fabrics also offers strong contrast between the churn dash and the background. The two fabrics will read the same when you look at the quilt from a distance, but offer some delightful eye candy up close to the quilt.

print with many colours offers chance to play with colour in the background too

The  number print is full of fun colours so I decided to play off two of the colours with my choice of background prints. Blue and orange are complimentary colours - which means they play nice together! 

different background treatments on three churn blocks

Here are my first three finished Churn, Baby, Churn blocks. You can see by looking at where the blocks touch that the secondary pattern is going to be fun to look at too.

layer cake friendly Churn Baby Churn quilt pattern

It's not too late to join me in making your own Churn, Baby, Churn quilt. I'm going to pick out three more blocks to finish today - they really do go together quickly! My son's teacher will be done at school in November which means I need to get this top together and quilted as soon as possible. 

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Quilt Along for Churn Baby Churn baby quilt

>> Tuesday, September 20, 2016

I'm making a baby quilt for my son's teacher with my Churn, Baby, Churn baby quilt pattern. This is my first quilt along post for the project - and you're invited to join me!

Churn, Baby, Churn quilt pattern by Sarah Vanderburgh of sewjoycreations

The pattern uses a 10 inch squares pack - or layer cake - to make the churn dashes and backgrounds - no other fabric yardage needed for the front! I get discouraged by patterns that are designed to use with precuts but then need me to add yardage. So this was a personal design challenge and I like the results. The scrappy effect of using two different fabrics behind each churn dash leaves lots of potential for playing with the colours in a fabric line. 

Fabrics cut and stored in their own bin makes it easier to have several projects on the go at once

This is the second year my son has had this teacher - and it will be her third boy. When my son came home with the news I knew I finally had a happy reason to cut into my Uppercase fabric fat quarter bundle :)

Because the pattern is written for 10 inch squares - and then cutting those squares into 5 inch squares - I decided to cut my fabrics so my making would look like what you would make if you followed the pattern. Of course, you could also cut up a fat quarter bundle like I did to make this quilt. 

Now the fun part: deciding which fabrics will be the churn dashes!

I went through and took photos of three different options to show you how versatile the pattern is and also, the kind of fabric line that will make your Churn, Baby, Churn baby quilt happy too. I'm sure you've noticed that some fabric collections have lots of variety when it comes to colours, and others have very few different ones. The results will show in your quilt. Take a look at these examples and see which one you like more than the others. (None are wrong or right - just notice what you like!)

light fabrics chosen for main block design

From my Uppercase fabrics I chose 12 different ones that read as light. They're not in any particular order here - meaning I might move them around in the quilt - but these would be my choices if I was making 12 light churn dashes.

Fabrics sorted with light churn dash fabric and two background fabrics

Here are the 12 light churn dash fabrics paired with two background fabrics each. 

I would chose light churn dashes if I was hanging this quilt - it gives a more subtle look to the quilt and would be easy on the eyes for a long period of time.
At least that's what I think ;)

twelve dark fabrics selected for churn dashes

Here are my choices for twelve dark churn dashes. The number fabric is not part of the Uppercase line - but definitely inspired me to make this quilt for my son's teacher. She has done a great job nurturing his love of mathematics and I think this is a fun way to say thank you.

pairs of background fabrics with dark churn fabrics

Here are my quick choices for backgrounds for the dark churns. I think this one would be very graphic and visually striking. I think the dark churn dashes would almost vibrate against some of these background pair choices I made! 

twelve bright churn dash fabric picks

Then I had to go bright! If this quilt was for ME, I think I would choose to make my churn dashes with these bright prints. I hesitate to call it a feminine palette because I don't think that's how they end up looking when you add the dark backgrounds. Take a look:

bright churns paired up with background fabrics

See? Again it's a very dynamic, graphic effect. This one might feel busier than the dark churn dash one because of the bright fabrics vying for your eye on top of the backgrounds that are a mix of light, dark, and bright. Definitely a fun mix!

Which one do you like best?

Remember, fabrics make a quilt, but your fabric choices make it YOUR quilt!

If you're quilting along - yay! - take some time to play with your fabric and decide on which ones will be the churn dashes, then the backgrounds. 

In the next quilt along post I'll show you what I actually chose for my churn dash fabrics. You can read in to that and know that I don't have any churns made yet. But that's okay - I love this part at the beginning of making a quilt.

 Thinking about who the quilt is for, 
what fabrics to use,
 what the quilt is celebrating/commemorating,
 and how I want the recipient to feel is
 probably my favourite part of the process.

 My next favourite part is seeing the fabric choices coming together in the right pattern!

Stay tuned, and keep quilting with Joy,

Sarah V.

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