Pattern Sale is Coming!

Pattern Sale is Coming!

Batiks still sparkling

>> Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I changed my mind again about the mini batik 9 patches! I still love them, but now I'm doing this instead; I had planned to do a 9 patch with a single batik charm, but then I did this and I love it. There were about 5 solid batiks in the charm pack and I knew they would stick out when I made them. I tried putting one in the middle and forgot about my plan to use the single blue batik charms and started sewing all the nine patches together!

Now I'm thinking of this as ONE nine patch and making a wallhanging that will look like an Irish Chain. An Irish chain made out of batiks? Well, my mind is thinking up all kinds of stuff this week!

Today I wrote up directions for a free tutorial to make placemats using charms - a theme around here right now! I used ric rac and Christmas fabric as I am planning a week of pattern giveaways to promote a sale on my patterns. 

I'm calling it "Sew Joy Patterns Sew Far" and have put all of my patterns (so far!) together for $25.
I thought this was a fun way to do a Christmas in July sale. 

I made another version of my Primitive Joy pattern in Christmas fabrics - it makes me smile:)
I made the tree with selvages which was probably the part I enjoyed the most!

Needless to say, I would love it if you came back to visit my blog on July 25th! 
You could always follow with Bloglovin' (wink wink)
The free placemat pattern goes live that day as does the sale of my patterns. I'm planning a week of pattern giveaways and some fun comment questions/link ups to get us in the mood to sew for Christmas.

Funny, this was the hottest, most humid day of summer here so far! But I'll settle for the frozen coffee ice cubes in my ice coffee for another month or two!

Linking up with the Needle and Thread Network - check out some creative Canucks here.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


A More Detailed Look into my Quilting Space

>> Sunday, July 20, 2014

I took a few more photos of my space, to give you a better look at how I have it currently organized. Maybe you'll find some ideas for yours or just enjoy the peek.

I don't have a very big stash - what you can see here and another pile on the next shelf up.  For now I usually use fabric as I buy it; stuff on my shelf I fell in love with in a quilt store or was given as gifts. I'm slowly working at using this up!

Beside the book case is my sewing table. It's a wide shelf on legs we bought in a hardware store. Originally we made this table when we had a booth at a farmer's market selling fair trade coffee. 
Under the printer end of the table (with a Selvage Joy Pillow cover on it) is a sewing storage box that my mom gave me. I'm pretty sure it's from someone in the family. I put the cover on it so my cat can sit there!
You can see my design wall which is a large flannel sheet, my sewing machine, and the stool I currently sit on when I sew.
In the corner is my plastic tub that holds fabric for special projects.

To the right of my sewing machine is all the little stuff that needs to stay close - my pincushion, my hello kitty notepad, Aurifil thread, bobbins in a mint tin, my monchichi and the corner basket that holds my camera, measuring tape and safety pins. And my bird scissors on a lime green lanyard!

My ironing board wall is viewable from the opposite end of the room which is our family TV room. I tried to make this wall more "pretty" and not all function! 
You can see my orange desk (with my colour printer on its bottom shelf). This wall has one of my free outlets so my iron, printer and computer all take turns plugging in!

The far wall has a cabinet where I display more quilts. My orange desk rolls out of the way when I want to get into the far door beneath where all my quilt magazines are stored. The basket bin on top of my filing cabinet holds all the cords I need for charging all my devices. 

The near door holds my selvages in shoeboxes, ribbons and books. I keep my handstitching supplies in here as well.

My new storage unit is great! I can't believe I had enough different little things to put in the drawers - a drawer of sticky notepads, really! 

This is the top of my new storage unit - again trying to have some pretty, inspiring things on display.

This is my final storage cabinet. It has doors so that lets me keep it a little bit messy - and hide projects and presents inside! The bottom shelf has my quilt tops - the bin is my daughter's stash. The second from bottom shelf has my UFOs in plastic bags and a fabric bin that has project leftovers that I've kept. 

These leftovers were used when I made my Soul Art day quilt.

In the middle of my space is my most special piece - my cutting table that my husband made me in woodworking college. It's beautiful, inspiring and functional!
My hello kitty soft sided toy box holds more quilt projects - my Halloween 1904 blocks are in here - as well as my batting. 

I'll only share my thread drawer - the other two aren't really ready for company to see them:)
I love how the divider fits and helps me keep it organized. My ruler and sewing pencil I use to draw lines on my half square triangle units gets stored in here too.

I hope you enjoyed your visit into my quilting space,

Sarah V


Focus on Fabric: Red Backgrounds

>> Friday, July 18, 2014

LOTS of new things for me in this post - not the least of which is using RED as a background!

To be honest, I rarely use red at all. I think it's because when I first started quilting (18 years ago?!) the magazines that I read (because there was only magazines to read!) were always cautioning about red fabric bleeding/running and ruining a quilt. The debate about pre-washing fabrics was strong and basically I decided to avoid the whole thing buy avoiding red.

Times have changed! I went to the fabric store to buy red fabric explicitly to make a new version of my of my Primitive JOY wallhanging. This version currently hangs in my husband's music space to cover the window on the front door. Needless to say it doesn't add anything to the vibe of his space! Since I have been working on making him another quilt for his space, I thought I should update the door quilt too.  Canada Day inspired me - I could make a red and white quilt and it would work in this space for more than one season!

I found the charm pack for Winter Wonderland by Anne at Bunnyhill. Too cute. And what a nice red! A happy red! (I had found another red in the store but the longer I chatted with the owner at CindyBee's, the more the fabric went tomato red looking - not what I wanted). Cindy went into her office and brought out the yardage for Winter Wonderland and I was sold!

To make the quilt a little more fun when looking at it up close I used the yardage to make the inside half squares. On the outside of the snowballs I used charm squares (this picture reveals two of my half squares matching - I'll have to move them around!)

The next new thing for me is joining Pinterest. Yes, I finally did it! But I was wondering if you could help me make a board about quilts that use RED as a background.

Here are a couple of ways you can help me create a RED Background Quilts board in Pinterest:

Leave a comment here that includes a link to a quilt YOU MADE that uses red as the background;

LINK UP here a blog post or a flickr photo that features a quilt YOU MADE with a red background (more NEW things for me!)

Add a comment with a link/photo of a quilt YOU MADE with a red background at my facebook 

If you can think of another way to send me your ideas, please let me know in the comments.

My RED background so far!

Thanks for helping me build my RED Background Quilts board!

With Joy,

Sarah Vee


W.I.P. Mini 9 patch batiks

>> Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ideas are flowing fast these days - witness the one end of my cutting table with 3 projects piled on it.
So far I've only cut one charm the wrong way!

These little 3 1/2 inch nine patches are the greatest little gifts! Like little chocolates:) This one is my favourite so far.

With its partner.

More completed partners.

I started these blocks on a whim, a desire to play with some batiks.
And to try out this tutorial. 
The plan is evolving and will require the purchase of some more fabric. Surprise!

Linking up with W.I.P. at The Needle and Thread Network.

Another Work in Progress for me is publishing my poems. I've started posting them again at my other blog, Her Eyes On Creation. Take a peek if you'd like:)

With Joy,

Sarah V


Making Placemats from Stash

>> Monday, July 14, 2014

I decided to make some placemats to match my Happiness Key quilt. I have some of the border fabrics left. I even allowed myself to fussy cut a big rose from the fabric for each placemat.

I'm using my Striped Delight pattern and just following the measurements to cut pieces from yardage and fat quarters. I'm not making the shoofly block and using an option I describe in the pattern (it means I won't have a pocket either, but I can live with that!) I didn't end up having enough of the blue with white polka dot fabric so I've improvised and am using some of the focus fabric for my top and bottom stripes.

This weekend I decided to make bold delight placemats to go on the back - notice I didn't start with the placemats I want NOW! LOL

I also made these from my stash yardage. The focus print is some fabric my sister gifted me several years ago!

I'm making them all match in my own fashion - the focus fabric is staying the same. I like how different these two placemats look - I chose fabrics that match the colours in the vegetables.

I really like this green print. It is a directional print but the pattern is so spaced out that it's not obvious to the eye when the pieces aren't going in the same direction. The batik on the outside I tried to keep the leaves pointing up.

I like this one too. It shows you can use only two fabrics to create a placemat. I was lucky enough that my scraps of vegetable basket fabrics were cut going in both directions so I could cut pieces for all the parts to go in the right direction. If you look closely (maybe you can already see it) the middle block on this one is pieced together. I was just happy I had enough to make all the centres! And, I still have some smaller bits of the vegetable fabric left.

I did end up making 5 placemats even though I only intended to make four. I couldn't resist trying out the green in the centre! I have secretly decided that this shade of green (kind of warm lime green) is my new accent colour in the kitchen and dining room. I'm not sure if my husband will notice or not! This one I will use as the centre runner. It seems like less stuff gets spilled at the table if it's on a soft surface rather than the wood.

I have only cut out enough fabric to make 4 of the striped delight. I will probably end up using some of the leftover rose fabric to make a runner for this set as well. I like to make reversible placemats - they take up less room in my linen drawer! That and I find it more fun to make two things at once!

You can purchase your own copy of my Double Delight pattern - which includes both the Striped Delight and the Bold Delight at my Craftsy pattern store.
Thanks for your support xo

With Joy,

Sarah V

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