How to make your own 10 inch squares

>> Sunday, August 20, 2017

One of my quilting goals for this quarter was to make a quilt for my brother using my Churn, Baby, Churn quilt pattern.

sewjoycreations pattern Churn Baby Churn baby quilt pattern

                                 click on photo to go to pattern link at my Craftsy shop

Of course, this quilt is too small a size for my brother so my plan was to make my own 10 inch squares from a half yard bundle and just add more blocks to make it bigger. The fabric I chose was Tula Pink's Holiday Homies.

half yard bundle Tula Pink Holiday Homies

This post goes through the cutting steps I did to get the most 10 inch squares possible out of this line. I only realized later on that I would still have to play with my leftovers to make enough blocks, but that's the fun thing about this pattern - it does make leftovers!

Let's get started.

save selvages cut generous width of one inch

First things first: I always save the selvages! I usually cut a generous inch off the edge of the fabric - sometimes more if I really want to feature the fabric design in my selvage project. 

How to Make Selvage Fabric tutorial on Craftsy {free download}

cut 10 inch strip from half yard of fabric

Then I determined that cutting the long way would give me two 10 inch squares and leave a little leftover edge (instead of cutting the opposite way and only getting one 10 inch square.)

cut strip into 10 inch squares

For the second cut I laid the fabric out full and used the measurements on my cutting mat as well as my 18" ruler to make sure I was cutting 10 inch squares.

selvages and leftover strips from cutting 10 inch squares

To keep track of the pieces I had a small plastic bin for the leftover strips and selvages and two plastic scrapbooking cases for the 10 inch squares. 

use scrapbooking plastic cases for storing fabric squares and blocks

Notice at this point that I thought I would have enough squares for 2 projects, but in reality I only had enough for one because there were only 14 fabrics in the line. Keep this in mind when you are looking to make your own stack of 10 inch squares - the more fabrics in the line, the more squares you will be able to cut!

churn baby churn blocks

I'm happy to report that even with a few cutting errors while making the blocks (mostly due to direction of the prints and cutting late at night!) I had enough squares to make 20 - 12" blocks.

The next time you're planning a project that uses 10" squares I hope you'll consider using these tips and cutting your own! 

With Joy,

Sarah V.
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Rearranging Fabric and Furniture in my Quilting Space

>> Monday, August 14, 2017

This past week I decided to make some changes in my quilting space. I knew that I had more fabric than I could see and thought that putting it on display would inspire me, and slow down my fabric shopping!

empty glass hutch with magazines in storage beneath

I didn't really want or need to get new furniture; I knew I could use this glass door hutch to display my fabrics. But that would mean emptying it out and finding homes for all the stuff it was currently storing.

hutch items out and in piles on ironing board

I had a few piles of finished projects, a fat quarter bundle, some projects and tins in the hutch. My ironing board provided some temporary storage.

containers waiting for new homes

I was kind of amazed and overwhelmed with how much stuff I had actually put in the hutch! I knew I wasn't going to have the same amount of space to relocate it all too - I don't have THAT much fabric!

desk in quilting space with cat in basket

 Plus, this is where I wantedto put the hutch. All of this stuff had to move too - including the cat basket!

Well, obviously there's a happy ending or I wouldn't be sharing, right? ;)

fabric in glass hutch on desk

The picture was taken at night, but you can see that I was succesful in getting the hutch on my desk and the fabric in the hutch. 
There's a little bit more fabric still in hiding, for the most part fabric that is already dedicated to projects so it doesn't really count as stash (right?!) 
The cat basket has been put back on the corner of this desk; I had it under my ironing board but the cat found it too nerve wracking to be in it when I was ironing.

quilt on wall behind desk

This is the what the corner looks like now! My kids say it looks more like an office which  I think I like. It certainly feels more inviting and inspiring. I have my printer close to my desk now and I have been looking through my designs more since I put my files closer to my chair. 

flannel sheet design wall behind sewing machine

And before I moved around my fabrics, I took down my flannel sheet design board and put it up horizonally to give me more space! I made this decision when I started working on my Splendid Sampler sampler. 

I hope I inspired you to use what you already have to freshen up your quilting space. 

With Joy,
Sarah V.


Starting my Splendid Sampler Sampler and a Pattern Sale

>> Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It's been awhile since I pulled out my completed Splendid Sampler blocks.

splendid sampler blocks

I have no where near 100 made and probably won't make anymore. Instead I'm looking at incorporating these blocks with others to make a quilt for my mother in law. She gifted me these fabrics and I had every intention of making her a Splendid Sampler quilt.

Part of what I've been grappling with from the outset is putting my blocks together in a non-traditional setting since my mother in law is really drawn to assymetrical settings. 
I even started a Pinterest board to get my planning started.

After a recent visit from my mother in law, I was inspired to start designing this quilt again. 
At this point I'm planning to make the Splendid Sampler blocks the focus at the top of the quilt and add different, some modern, blocks to fill out the rest of the quilt.

Which led me back to making a Liberated Churn Dash!

liberated churn dash quilt block

As you can see, it's huge!
I was planning to make it square, but it has ended up 26 1/2 x 28 1/2 inches - close! At least it is divisible by 2 which helps when incorporating it with other blocks.

I am working on a new set of posts for featuring the PFAFF creative 3.0 you can see in this photo. (You might see another liberated churn dash in those posts too - shhh!)

All I can say is that I'm really enjoying playing with fabrics again to create these liberated blocks. And from looking at some recent statistics for my blog I know that modern quilt guilds are still finding and using my tutorial.

I thought this was as good a time as ever to feature my Liberated Churn Dash QUILT pattern at my Etsy shop in case another quilter wanted to try their hand at making a quilt full of these blocks.

liberated churn dash quilt pattern cover

For the next 7 days

August 2 - August 9

Grab my pdf pattern of the Liberated Churn Dash QUILT
for $7 Canadian
(or as close as I can get it!)

Please note that this discount is ONLY at my ETSY shop
the pattern will be its original price on Craftsy

Thanks for your support and Enjoy!

Sarah V.


A Pineapple Finish

>> Sunday, July 30, 2017

This quilt is for me!

quick curve ruler mini pineapple quilt

It hangs above the bench in our entryway and adds some summer cheer to the space.

I almost named it my Tour de France quilt as I worked on it during the tour and did most of the quilting while watching it. And the yellow pineapples!

I made it using the quick curve ruler mini designed by Sew Kind of Wonderful. This is a pattern iteration from the mini pumpkin pattern I bought, free on their website.

I added the churn dash border to it - do I need to explain why?!?! 

pfaff creative 3.0 mini pineapple quilt

Overall I'm happy with it but will go back and add some more quilting to the border. It doesn't hang flat and that's because of all the cross hatch quilting I did in the middle. This is a case do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do because I knew that heavy quilting in the inside would effect the lay of the quilt but I did it anyway!

I did get to quilt it on the PFAFF creative 3.0 machine that I'm currently reviewing for QUILTsocial. This machine makes everything easy and fun and look good too :) I'm hoping to get a lot of quilting done while it's visiting at my house!

aurifil thread on mini pineapple quilt

Plus, I had a lot of fun mixing up my cross hatching thread with different colours of Aurifil thread. I actually used pink too - it's in the machine in this photo. For each pair of lines, one is yellow and the second one alternated between the grey, lime green and pink. Changing the colours made all the quilting more enjoyable for me!

And it gives me my first finish this quarter for the Finish Along!

Definitely a fun project to start the summer quilting:)

Sarah V.


My Optimistic Third Quarter List for the Finish Along

>> Friday, July 7, 2017

It seems that success breeds success - or at least when it comes to public accountability, quilting and deadlines! Here is my rather long list for this next quarter. Since it is summer I should have more time to focus and quilt. After my vacation!

pineapple fabrics for mini curve ruler pattern

1. For Me! 

A mini pineapple wall quilt using the Sew Kind of Wonderful quick curve ruler mini. I'm adapting the mini pumpkin pattern based on stem directions given on the Sew Kind of Wonderful free patterns on their website. I've started and hope to finish it soon!

quild mystery quilt 2017

2. For me or to give as gift

My guild's mystery quilt this year. This is one of the blocks and I have all of the units made for it. The other blocks and border involving trying another new-to-me ruler, Deb Tucker's V Block.
This might be a gift because I know what it looks like and the person would love it, but I did use some of my absolute favourite saved fabrics in it. hmmmmm. I'll finish it first then decide!

stash supplies for an alzheimer fidget quilt

3. For local hospital

Guild summer challenge - make a fidget quilt for Alzheimer's. This is something I'm not sure how to start but have been looking up on the internet. I did find some instructions I liked at the Quilt Posse, especially some of the useful comments left on the post. I'm aiming to make one in colours, textures, and images that men might find enjoyable as this seems to be a need as well.

I found this while rummaging through my stuff for things to add to the fidget quilt and realized I could make one to include on the fidget quilt. It's for keeping track of needles.

Instead of putting batting inside I think I'll try using some felt. Or maybe I'll just use batting!

4. For me and gifts

This one is three separate items - 3 quilted pillows. Each one will be made of one of these Celebration Leaves blocks that I designed. I'm planning to practice more free-motion quilting on them!

This instructions to make this block are FREE to my newsletter subscribers.

holiday homies fabric

5. For my brother (and maybe my husband too!)

This will be fun! A quilt for my brother using my Churn, Baby, Churn pattern.

churn baby churn quilt pattern by Sarah Vanderburgh

My pattern uses a layer cake to make a baby sized quilt - I plan to cut two - 10 inch squares from each of the fabrics and see where it takes me!
My husband liked the fabric when I showed it to him; it's Tula Pink's holiday line, Holiday Homies. It is pretty cool! I was lucky enough to buy a bundle of the whole line from Mad About Patchwork, a Canadian online retailer. So, I just might make two (shhhh!)

You can purchase my Churn, Baby, Churn pattern on Craftsy here - or Etsy here   :)

hope blossom quilt

6. For me + a new pattern

This one was on my list last quarter - quilt my Hope Blossoms quilt. The block was in Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, volume 15. I would like to have a finished quilt to take photos of to promote this pattern:)

pat bravo rock n romance fabric sampler

7. For a niece

I told you this list was optimistic! I'd like to quilt this sampler for a niece (maybe the one turning 16 next year?) I will add borders to the side and bottom to give it some overhang on a twin bed. This was a Pat Sloan block of the month several years ago. I love the fabric - Rock'n Romance by Pat Bravo. 

That's my list for this quarter. VERY optimistic. It's kind of in order of how I plan to approach it as well with some projects having end of summer deadlines. I'm hoping that by including who the quilt is for it will keep me focussed on finishing. We'll see!

What to do next?

quilt room shelves

Re-prioritize these shelves!

I'm linking up to the Finsh Along over here at Dizzy Quilts. Come encourage us! Maybe you joined too - let me know in the comments and I'll visit your blog/instagram and encourage you too!

With Joy,

Sarah V.

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