New Pattern - Liberated Churn Dash PLACEMATS

>> Thursday, October 8, 2015

Liberated Churn Dash Placemats by Sarah Vanderburgh of

It's ready! Finally!

So proud to show you how easy it can be to make some liberated churn dashes.

Liberated Churn Dash Placemat with red border.

These placemats whip up really quickly.It's a different method than the one I used in my quilt.  

Liberated Churn Dash placemat with orange dot border.

I wanted to make the placemats match but still be different so I used the same fabric in all of the churns to make the *dashes*.

I also kept the background fabric the same - I used one of Pat Sloan's off white neutrals from The Sweet Life. You'll notice in this churn that most of its points are still intact - it's easy to keep the traditional look of these blocks alive while still playing with the construction technique.

I also did just simple quilting in these first two - then I decided to play with that too:)

Liberated Churn Dash Placemat with black border and lightning quilitng

I haven't done much modern quilting and it shows in this placemat! I started with one idea and then added a second. It's not my favorite look, but it's only on a placemat that will most of the time be covered up with dishes so it's all good :)

Liberated Churn Dash placemat with curved quilting.

This one I'm happier with! I tried curved quilting. Of course I didn't mark it out but I might next time. I actually bought a Craftsy course on machine quilting that I need to make some time to watch ;)

Liberated Churn Dash Quilt pattern cover photo.

This pattern will make 4 placemats measuring approximately 14 x 16 inches. 

It's available now in my Craftsy shop and my Etsy store.

You just might have enough time to make a set for your Thanksgiving table {Canadians!}

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Selvage Coaster - Simple Joy

>> Monday, October 5, 2015

Selvage coaster from florence selvages

It feels like with the fall weather the *Making Season* has arrived. This Selvage Coaster is made from the Florence line of fabrics by Denyse Schmidt.

Could be a cute little gift
(but I really wanna keep it!)

Selvage coaster quilted on the diagonal

A little happy side project that got made alongside my newest placemats.
Yes, I'm still working on the pattern - one step a night!

Working on a quilt too - a lap size quilt! - on a deadline and the supply teaching gigs are starting. Yay!

So simple projects like this are a real joy. I even went outside of my comfort zone and stitched it on the diagonal - which I like :)

You can make your own selvage coaster using my tutorial here: Selvage Coaster Tutorial

Hope your week is full of  joy and gratitude!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Giveaway Winner + Glimpse at New Pattern

>> Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thanks for your patience and participating!

Lots of really interesting responses about quilt kits. It seems like it's a real hit and miss environment out there for them. 

Personally I have never bought a quilt kit - for many of the reasons that were mentioned. I like to pick my own fabrics too much :) That and I rarely follow a pattern exactly!

The only kit I've bought has been for a Pat Sloan mystery and I was really happy with it and love the quilt - My Happiness Key Quilt. {which I should probably take down and replace with something autumnal since we had frost this morning!}

Okay! The winner as hand picked by my husband on his way to the couch is . . .

Congrats Diane! I'm emailing you right after I post and will get this out to you soon :)

Liberated Churn Dash placemats posing with a pumpkin

And I'm happy to introduce you to my latest pattern - Liberated Churn Dash Placemats.

Liberated Churn Dash placemat with curve quilting

The placemats come together quickly and offer a different way to make the liberated churns than in my quilt pattern. I used a set of fat eighths by Denyse Schmidt and one of Pat Sloan's off-white background fabrics from Sweet Life. On this one I even tried quilting a curve - without marking it! Take about liberated!!

The pattern is just waiting for me to edit and add all the step by step process photos so it's easy for you to follow along. I'll let you know when it's ready to purchase :)

Thanks for being here today. I hope you enjoy the change of season as much as I do. 
It's like taking a deep breath and getting another chance to appreciate things in your life - and one of them for me is you!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Process Tip: How I Pin a Around a Placemat with No Binding

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Today's tip is a photo: all the information you need to see how I pin around a placemat to stitch it closed. 

It would appear that I like to make placemats that don't require binding. Many quilters like binding the least of all the steps to make a quilt. Binding doesn't bother me, but the reason I use the 'envelop' or 'birthing' method (as I have heard it called) is because it uses no extra fabric!

You can see I pin in lots of important places going around the placemat:

  • I pin a 1/4 inch from the end of each edge to give myself a heads up that it's time to turn a corner!
  • I like to pin at seams as well to make sure I pay attention and keep the seams lying flat. 
  • Along long edges I usually stick a pin or two as well to make sure the layers all stay together.
  • I put 2 pins in close together where I want to stop and leave the turning gap. 
  • I start at a pin on the other side of the gap. I like to put this gap along an edge with no seam and preferably where you don't look at it all the time (bottom left edge is a good spot.)

Remember, to MAKE the sandwich put your pieces down in this order:

placemat top RIGHT SIDE DOWN

*It's takes a long time to rip out all the way around if you don't. Don't ask how I know!*

I hope you find this photo useful. 
Maybe you'll finish a few more placemats!!

Echo wants me to remind you my  Fall giveaway is still going on over here :)
{Lambert's already entered!}

With Joy,

Sarah V


Quilting with Colorful Fabric and Thread

>> Thursday, September 24, 2015

Eat with JOY placemat in Story

I made up another placemat using some of my Story line fabric scraps.
This time it's my Eat With JOY placemat pattern. I used some of the Cotton and Steel pencils too. I love the print that looks like weaving I used on the side borders. And the pink. The orange. The fun minty green with circles. You get the idea :)

It's interesting because I would never walk into a quilt store and be attracted to this type of geometric/modern/abstract fabric. And yet using it I find it really easy to express my ideas and to use the prints to make something that I like. The bright colors really help a lot!

Back of Eat with JOY in Story

This placemat will be for my daughter who has always loved butterflies. The back of the placemat was a great place to use up my fat quarter of this Elements print by Tim Holtz.

I have to say that I am enjoying using my driveway as the background for photos! Who knew it was such a neat surface to contrast with quilts.

August block for Friends on Chelsea Lane

While I am working on things that have deadlines, I'm trying really hard to still make time to quilt for fun - and for me! This is the August block from the Friends on Chelsea Lane kit I was gifted. It's classic Pat Sloan.

closeup of variegated thread on August Friends on Chelsea Lane block

I really had fun using a variegated spool of thread from Pat's Aurifil thread box. I have hesitated to use it because it looks red, white and purple but upon using it I discovered it's orange, white, purple and a little bit of lime green. Super fun!  In this photo I was trying to show that the orange in the thread actually matches the daisy in the flower to the right of my needle. So the thread does match something in this quilt!

Linking up with The Needle and Thread Network - Canadian textile art bloggers.

Hope you are quilting something fun and colorful for you too!

With Joy,

Sarah V

p.s. I have a giveaway going on until October 1 over here!

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