Week 5 of Sew Much Fun Tour

>> Sunday, August 29, 2021

 Welcome to Week 5 of the Sew Much Fun Tour! 

Each week a designer will be presenting a 6" (6 1/2" unfinished) block on the theme of sewing.
This week's designer is Maria at Limeleaves Design.

week 5 Sew Much Fun Tour Limeleaves Design

Click on the image above or here to get to Maria's block - Limeleaves Designs  

Last week's block was from  Laura Strickland of Orange Blossom Quilt Design Studio

modified block week 4 Sew Much Fun Tour

My block is going to look a bit different than Laura's even though I love her block! I decided against the small squares for the background to help me get it done in a week (and you can see I still didn't!) I used some leftover light 2 1/2 " squares from different lines and sewed them together for my background. My plan for the sewing machine is to use this pink piece of fabric I bought from Alison Glass' scrap sale this summer.

Laura does a great job showing you different color options for this block and I encourage you to go check it out.

The week before was from  Laura of Slice of Pi Quilts.

week 3 block Sew Much Fun tour

I'm really happy with how my yellow thimble turned out!

Week 2's block Jen of  Faith and Fun Sew Much Fun  and Week 1 round out the blocks from this tour.

completed first 3 blocks Sew Much Fun tour

 The blocks will be free for the duration of the tour - 52 weeks - so you have time. BUT, if you see one you like, get it! Designers may ask you to sign up to a newsletter to receive their block. I encourage you to ~visit~ the blogs and check out the designers' work. While blocks are free, designers do put in time and it's great to receive feedback ;)

Next week's designer is Carolyn of Applique Quilts and More


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