Reorganizing my sewing room bookcase

>> Monday, August 24, 2020

 This past week with so many projects wrapping up and more starting I decided to reorganize my sewing room bookcase. Like I had the time! Not really, but I knew there must be a reason because I just couldn't talk myself out of it.

 Here's what it looked like before

sewing room storage bookcase storage reorganizing

I actually didn't have a problem with what was on the shelves because it was working for me. I had projects I was working on and designing paperwork easily accessible. Why the need for change?

Well, I realized that most of my upcoming things to do in my sewing room involved finishing projects not starting them. I need to focus on quilting a few tops before I start more (no, for real this time!) LOL. I know that what I look at in my room motivates me and right now I need to be motivated to finish to make room for more. 

I also realized that as functional as my shelves were, they were not inspiring me. I miss going to my local quilt shop and seeing fabrics and displays. I decided that was really behind this need for change - I needed to be inspired to be a quilter again.

organized quilt room bookcase fabric display

A lot of things changed. Mostly books and magazines and papers got rearranged and some even left the sewing room altogether. I moved my Kenmore sewing machine to the bottom for some weight and put it's cover back on. My current Liberated Churn Dash fabrics are there waiting too, along with a stack of tops and a bin of scraps that still need to be sorted.

sewing machine cover project bins

The middle rows that are at standing height - the bookcase is to the left of my cutting table - will still be functional, storing scrap bins and current projects. But there is space here too and projects that aren't on the current list have been moved elsewhere. I don't need extra stress when I come in here and I can give myself permission to fill up the back burner of projects.

sewing room bookcase folded fabric scrap bins

The shelves became a place to admire fabric and see them stacked pretty (as oppossed to shoved and buried on the shelves in my closet.)

I also changed up the top display shelf to make it less Hello Kitty. She will come out to play again soon I'm sure, but for now less is more. And I can see my plant my daughter grew for me! Maybe now I'll remember to water it ;)

fabric folded bookcase display quilt room sewing room

My room feels calmer now when I walk into it and I smile at what I already have as part of my stash. I feel welcomed and encouraged to hang out in here and maybe even quilt.

It's been a great week for my sewing room. I hope this inspires you to find what you need with what you already have in your space. 

With Joy,

Sarah V.

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