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>> Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Edited - the voting is now closed! One of these patterns is a definite winner for the Sew Along - stay tuned!

This is the post with the link for voting! It's time to pick a pattern, not just any pattern but one of 3 Sew Joy Creations' patterns that you would like to sew along with me in August.

Sew Joy Sew Along August 2020

Please vote for one of the 3 patterns that I've picked for us to sew along with starting in August.
Why are we waiting until August? That's when Christa's fabric will be available :)

Good Vibes fabric Christa quilts

Once we decide on a pattern, Christa is going to make kits using her newest fabric line, Good Vibes. The line starts shipping in July, so by August we should be good to go!
Pattern - check!
Fabric - check!

Of course, you do not need to use the Good Vibes fabric, but if you're like me, I am ready to use some new fabric to make something new! 

First, you need to vote.

There are three pattern to choose from. There is a blog post for each so you can do some reading and looking and thinking before you pick. Or you can just click on the link and vote! I have included a photo beside each pattern name that shows what the pattern will look like made in the Good Vibes fabric.

The patterns to choose from are
Sunbeams quilt

Dropping In quilt

Dazzle quilt

and Dazzle

Voting will be open for 2 weeks until July 6 (my wedding anniversary!) This should give you plenty of time to vote and still celebrate the patriotic holidays during that time.

I invite you to join my Facebook group - I will be posting in it as we sew along and it is a place you can share progress photos as we go.  

I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter too. I share behind the scenes and links that I don't share anywhere else. Plus I have a growing number of freebies that I share only with my newsletter subscribers.

Sew Joy Sew Along voting for a pattern 

Thank you for being here. I look forward to sharing the results and sewing with you!


With Joy,

Sarah V.


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