Cutting it Close to Christmas - Things to Finish in 12 Days or Less!

>> Saturday, December 12, 2015

cutting table with projects for christmas on it

I can blame it on no snow.

It's 2 weeks before Christmas and I still have a lot of making to do. Making that I knew about and planned for the most part several months ago. And here it all sits on my cutting table!

To be fair, it's still a doable pile. If it's all still there NEXT week, well. . . then it will get used for next YEAR! ha ha {only slightly kidding here}
So let's make a list - we'll check it again later ;)

The pile of little bits to the left of my mug coaster are for the Temecula Quilt Company's We Wish You a Mini Christmas. I've stayed caught up and just have today's block to make.

vacation time by pat sloan quilt top complete outside photo

The yellow fabric is for the back of my Vacation Time quilt. This is the one on my list that is to blame for the procrastinating going on around here. My floors are spotless and well, let's just say, I stopped myself from doing some Spring cleaning today. 

See, blame it on no snow!

little wishes block

I bought more of the lime green floral print to make my Little Wishes quilt bigger. Not that it's a quilt yet! I have designated this quilt as my first leader/ender quilt of 2016. I have a whole bunch of half square triangle blocks to iron and trim - another procrastinating gem!!

cotton and steel mug rugs

Then I got into my TINSEL fabric fat quarter bundle! And these are the projects that need to be done before Christmas. I started making a runner as a gift with a block which you will see next year in a new quilt pattern from me! The leftover cuttings were the perfect size to make some mug rugs. The pink/red one even got some special treatment with the addition of some ric rac. Of course, these are not finished yet - I need to convince myself that the awesome vintage drinking glass print WANTS to be used and loved and shared. Once I can work up the nerve to cut into it I can quilt these babies. And school is out next Friday with the Christmas show on Tuesday. 

Do I hear jingle bells? Nah. That's the sound of Christmas deadlines!!
The runner is being gifted on the weekend before Christmas.
Did you see how I did that? *is being gifted* a positive state of mind is decking my halls! LOL

cutting table covered 2 weeks before Christmas

Okay, what else is in that photo? The Tinsel fabric on top of the yellow is extras for now. It's just waiting to be put away. The Tinsel fabric with the white and blue fabrics has been chosen for a block for next winter. I find that Christmas sewing inspiration is pretty hard to find in the middle of the year, but at Christmas when your senses are literally drenched in it, it's easier to think of something you want to try. So that pile has been set aside with a rough pattern drawn up too:)

And all this sewing doesn't include the wallhanging that I am finally binding to mail away this week to be published in the Spring, nor the gift I want to make my daughter. Don't worry, it's not too big - I've just never made one before! {Remind me to share it after the holidays - if not I might remember in April!}

PHEW. I feel better. Almost ambitious even! 

What are you up to this weekend?

With Joy,
Sarah V

cover photo of vp list board

I plan on getting and staying focused on some finishes this year. How about you? My Visual Project List Board is a free pdf kit containing some tips and templates to help you focus on specific projects. Once the board is full - no more projects until one is finished (OR you decide to replace one on the board with something new - it is your board!)

The Visual Project List Board is FREE when you sign up for my newsletter.

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