Christmas Tree is Ready and Waiting

>> Sunday, December 13, 2015

2015 christmas tree

My Christmas tree is ready and waiting to be decorated. To be honest, this tree skirt is one of my favourite decorations! It was a gift and it's paper pieced. I love the design and the fabrics - and would never have made it for myself. Sometimes those are the best gifts!

I think I might have found the pattern that was used and pinned it to my Christmas with Quilts board - click here to see what else I've pinned.

My cats love to wrestle in it - as you can see from this photo, but I am fine with fixing it and fussing with it. In years past I have avoided putting it out until the last minute and then it gets covered with presents. This year I want to enjoy it and I'm willing to keep an eye on it, tend to it and now it's almost a ritual to straighten it with gratitude - and the opportunity to get close and really see it.

I am trying to enjoy the little things. Soon enough this season will be over and I'm trying hard this year to be grateful in the preparations and not resentful and overwhelmed.

Compassion is a feeling that I want to work with more in 2016 - for myself, for others, and for the environment. The Christmas season is a great time to start!


With JOY,

Sarah V


Shirley in Canada December 14, 2015 at 7:11 AM  

So is Compassion your word for 2016?? ;-)

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