October Sewing Adventures

>> Friday, October 23, 2015

My Little Wishes blocks are waiting their turn patiently. At least I think they are!

My cats are keeping an eye on me and making sure I'm getting stuff done!
My deadline quilt is in the mail and should arrive today at it's destination. 
(Sorry but I can't share it until next year!)

I have been away from my quilting space a bit. We went to a family wedding in Oakville and I got the chance to go to the CreativFestival in Toronto. 

Funny how I went all that way and only shopped at the booths of retailers that I have purchased from online in the past.

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop from Toronto - I got to buy their deal of the month in person :) Al the fabric is from them too - including the awesome yellow from Tula Pink's Eden line.
*pst! They're having a Christmas fabric sale right now too*

ByTowne Threads who I've ordered from before and was hoping to see as I needed some brown Aurifil thread to machine quilt the binding on my deadline quilt. 

I wasn't the only one shopping. One our way into the festival - literally, walking through the Convention Centre - the top button on my husband's coat cracked and broke off.

So, while I was chatting with Carla from A Needle Pulling Thread, my husband and son went on the hunt for some buttons. Good timing, right?

He found some rosewood buttons. This past week when we were in Sudbury to watch our daughter receive a certificate for achieving over 80% in all of her courses last year, we went shopping in the new Fabricland.  My mission was to buy a cutting mat on sale - didn't happen! But, my husband made sure I had the right needle for sewing on his buttons, and the right thread. I think he's paying closer attention than I thought to my quilting!

The progress photos and sewn on buttons are on my facebook page. I'm only directing you there because the photos aren't in my computer and if I wait until they are. . . it could be next winter! LOL!
So go see the buttons and the chocolate bar I consumed half of in the process of sewing them on. 

I've also been sick with a fever and cold on top of the hacking cough that doesn't seem to want to leave our household. And on the 'good days' I've been teaching too.

I'll be back again soon to show you some quilts from the Sudbury Quilt Show.

With Joy,

Sarah V.


lovetostitch October 24, 2015 at 6:20 AM  

Are we supposed to make a wish when we make a Little Wishes block? Shhhh, don't tell, I haven't made one yet, but love them.
Looks like you made a nice haul at the show - and new needles too!! I don't know what it is, but I get rush to buy new needles, I know, it's silly, but I just feel a need to keep them in stock, always waiting and on hand!!
Your little helper is such a pretty kitty!!

Shirley in Canada October 24, 2015 at 9:28 PM  

love your purchases!! Hope you feel better soon, Sarah - hit me hard too and just getting over it! Wishing you some rest so this leaves your home!

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