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>> Tuesday, October 13, 2015

I'm behind in posting. Maybe I've been doing too much?!!
This is my attempt at catching up:)

Thanksgiving Sunday was so beautiful here that we ate outside! My hosta started to turn yellow - this is the view of it I see when leaning forward in my adirondack chair on the front porch.

Late last month I visited a new little quilt shop to me in Little Current - The Needle Box. Of course I found some goodies to bring home! She had the panel made up in a really cute bag with embroidery on it - I couldn't resist (it was on sale too!) I love the crow fabric - that one practically flew into my hands ;) And the skull and crossbones has a really different look to it than most other Halloween novelty fabrics I've seen. I'm participating in a Birthday Block exchange next year and two quilters are requesting Halloween themed blocks - now I have some!

This beautiful broken star would be me in a quilt!

I had the absolute pleasure to go to a quilt show by myself! I loved it, it's been awhile. What I realized was that quilt shows have always been a kind of reflecting mirror for me. I tend to gravitate to quilts that I'm ready to learn from and quilts that affirm my experiences and likes as a quilter. 

Taking the time to read the tags, the stories, really fills me up. 
Makes me want to be a quilter forever.
To Keep making more stories in bright happy colours!

I'll share more photos in another post sometime soon ;)

And I bought just enough to make me happy  - things that I would love to make but really can't make time for: a wool handstitched candlemat and a fabric bowl! The bowl is halloween fabrics - I'll have to take a better photo of it. Plus my second license plate from the Row by Row this year. And another panel - it seems I am on a panel kick right now. Hmm. Wonder how long it will take to use them!

I have been quilting! I am actually working on finishing two quilts right now, one of which is my Quilty Barns and mini spools wall hanging. I was hoping to get it done in time for this year's Quilt Blogger's Festival but my other quilt I'm working on is on a deadline which is rapidly approaching. Gotta put the blinders on and quilt only one. quilt. at. a. time. - wish me luck!

Two links for you before I go:
I use this online converter to change my edited photos that were taken on my ipad mini and show up sideways or upside down! The converter changes my photos that I edited to the right orientation into gifs that I can then use here and the photos display the right way. Yay!

And, a reward project for me! Once I'm finished making all the big quilts I love switching to  a tiny block project and Temecula Quilts is doing a Christmas mini again. Details are here, but they are already sold out of kits. That's okay, I love to play with my stash for these anyway ;)

Back to kindergarten tomorrow!

What are you quilting this fall?

With Joy,
Sarah V.


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