Another Border on My Roosting Robin Quilt

>> Monday, June 1, 2015

There's something to be said of being motivated by other people's success! One of the other quilters posted her progress on her Roosting Round Robin and I felt compelled to step up and start quilting again this week.

Sunday I picked out fabric and planned the star colours. I needed to really rummage to find some background fabrics for the stars in this row.
Throughout the week I set myself the goal of sewing for 15 minutes. Some nights that meant I only got lines drawn for the half square triangles, or only the sewing done not the cutting and pressing. Then it was painstaking trimming - which I am now almost a complete convert to {which will be it's own post soon!}, then finally it was the weekend again and I could just sew a whole bunch of 15 minutes together and get the row done!

I confirmed my already suspicious belief that I am a project-based person not a time-based person; I need to see a full step complete to feel like I accomplished something. Putting in 15 minutes is just teasing my psyche into thinking I did something. Anyway, at least I'm able to salvage some sense of accomplishment by getting a row done in a week.

Getting the row attached with next to no fussiness this time was a bonus! Here is my quilting helper Mr. V holding up the quilt in what I now think of as upside down. But you get the idea!

Sunday night I was still motivated to keep going and cut out the fabrics for the blue and purple side.

The stars on this border will only be two colours. And I decided to use the back side of a bold large floral print for my light background pieces. I read a comment on Facebook this weekend by someone who had a quilt teacher who said (breathe!) that you purchase both sides of the fabric, which came to mind when I was again frantically (or feverishly, fervently, frenetically - pick one!) searching for background fabric for my stars.

My problem now is that I am having difficulty turning my mojo off or focusing it only on one quilt! Do you get this problem?
Now I feel like I can make everything I've planned, finish everything I've ever started and .........
I can collect more ideas!

Yes, this weekend I also updated my Pinterest app and now it's so much easier to use. It thinks like me:)
If you want to get sidetracked and inspired too, check out my Pins.

{of course, my mojo excess will pretty soon get redirected into report card writing, which means you need to follow me on Pinterest so I can follow you and reward myself with time looking at your pins ;) }

With Joy,

Sarah V


Rachel Slote-Brown June 2, 2015 at 10:36 AM  

I noticed you were busier on Pinterest this weekend. You pinned some great quilts.
Your quilt looks great. Very colourful. Very Sarah. What are you doing with this quilt when it's done?

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