3 Inspiring Spring Things

>> Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1. Porch Time

It's nice enough now that I get to enjoy sitting on my front porch routinely. I won't say as part of my routine - yet.  Once school's out my morning coffee happens on the porch: it's an event I savour!

Porch time right now includes patiently waiting and watching my perennials brave the shade to once again give me some visual delights. My beautiful bleeding heart is not disappointing me; nor is my camera for this beautiful photo!

 2. Gardening

This is the full bleeding heart plant. I've always wanted one since I saw them determinedly sprouting up in the cracks beside an old house where I washed windows. Gardening also includes vegetables for us, which I must confess have not yet been planted as we still had a frost warning last week! We'll plant our peas and beans and some herbs this year. Sunflowers will probably bloom too late, but we might plant them anyway - same goes for pumpkins. I know my husband is keen to add more vegetables - like a whole yard of them! - but I'm not so keen to spend my summer months weeding:)

Jamie at http://www.jamieridlerstudios.ca is hosting a Garden Blog Hop. She's a Canadian creativity/life coach and regularly posts photos of her Toronto flowers. I'm linking up to share my little patch of Northern green. I'm going to spend some time 'hopping' and getting inspired by other's spaces too.

3. Quilt Sampler Magazine

Spring wouldn't be complete without my issue of Quilt Sampler! I was actually starting to haunt my local shops looking for it as I was sure I usually get a copy for Mother's Day and lo and behold, there it was. This issue, like all of the others that I have, has that one quilt that I want to make. It's called, "In Perfect Harmony", and its the quilt from the Main Street Quilt Company. They're also on facebook here.

So my life is full of work and when I'm not working I'm spending time writing, quilting and planning. And some of my plans include these 3 inspiring Spring Things!

Wishing you some time to be inspired and joy-full,

Sarah V


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