Selvage JOY Pillow Cover - with Lace

>> Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I made a selvage pillow to go with my Halloween 1904 quilt.
I used the selvages from the backing fabrics that I'm using.
This time I tried something different and added in some lace that I had in my stash. I actually had just enough for this project left - I love when that happens!

I used my Selvage JOY! Pillow Cover pattern and enjoyed that delightful surprise when you cut up fabric and put it back together in a new way:)

Making a selvage pillow from fabrics in a special project is a great memento. It also really helped me get excited to work with these fabrics again and gave me that nudge I needed to get to the next step with my Halloween 1904 quilt!

What project is nudging you these days?

Thanks for sharing in my sewing Joy,

Sarah V


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