Looking Forward

>> Monday, March 11, 2013

It's easy to fool myself that I'm looking forward, when really I spend so much time looking back. I'm late posting my February dreamboard, but now it's the new moon and time to start searching the deeps for next month's full moon. Jamie's prompts are in this post.

Remember when you used to build sandcastles really close to the shore? Digging out the moat only to have water {from within and without} swoosh in and eat away at what you were building.
March kind of feels like that. Too much snow, then a little rain. A day of sunshine, a week of grey skies.
Keep looking forward.

I'm always looking forward in my quilts. What's next?
 For this scrappy quilt it's time to stop and evaluate the present.
 I don't have enough of the black fabric to make the sashing Pat Sloan has suggested. Now I'm in that special land of what ifs and calculating down to the last inch. 
 In this scenario, I need to make 4 more blocks.
 It still might not leave me with enough black to make a floating border.
 But it might leave me with a quilt that's big enough.

 I am striving for that right now. 
To feel complete in the middle. 
To acknowledge how far I've gotten down the path to be here.
 Right now.

 Hope you are finding ways to enjoy the Messy Middle 
Right now,

Sarah Vee



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