Quilting Designs with Freezer Paper

>> Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I am slowly quilting this wallhanging. I use freezer paper to mark my design, iron it to the quilt top, and quilt. This is the centre quilting design.

This is one quarter of the outside design. I drew most of the lines on here. Some places, like the arc over the middle flower and the two large leaves will have a double line of stitching. I learned the hard way by stitching both through the freezer paper in the centre, NOT to do both lines now. Once I tear off the paper I will add the second line of stiching. This section I went over with a marker so I could trace it 3 more times for the other corners.

Here is an awkward photo showing all 4 corner designs. This is the size of the entire wallhanging. It is laying on top of a card table here - to give you a sense of size.

The leaves will meet up from each side of the design - one resting beneath the other. The triangle shape between them will be quilted simliar to the ones in the centre.

I'm working out of the house more right now and finding it hard to quilt AND blog about it! The most I have been online recently is to unsubscribe to many of the newsletters etc. that I was getting. Now my email is more manageable freeing up valuable time to visit blogs.

My goal right now is to keep working on these 3 wallhangings {this is only a peek at one of them!} with the hopes of sharing them here before December. I am going to start 15 minutes of quilting a day to get these done. 

Prayers and thoughts to all who are enduring through Sandy and other weather related woes. 
Peace and Joy,
Sarah Vee


débemsucedida October 31, 2012 at 7:14 AM  

ola eu sou do Brasil...tentei fazer o quilt com o papel freezer..mas achei dificil de tirar o papel! você borda en cima do papel? obrigada

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