Orange you Glad it's a Long Weekend?!

>> Saturday, May 19, 2012

 Brand New View, cut-out foil on window. Zeppelin University, Bodensee, Germany, 2009. photo from

I am! Today has not been a great day for me. 

Some advice from me to you for future reference:

nail polish will remove pen ink from inside of your dryer.

uh huh. it will.

Yesterday was AMAZING! I met Shirley who is a quilter I chat with through Pat Sloan's Quilt Mashup Forum.

 Shirley was one of the participants in last year's McCall's Quilting Design Star contest.
 She brought her Blue Suede Shoes quilt for me to see in person. 
How did I miss those records the first time?! 
The beauty and detail of her quilt was a treat to see in person.
Here's the link all about her and her entries.

She also brought her Happiness Key quilt {she's finished hers!} and we signed each others. This was a kit and mystery quilt from last summer by Pat Sloan and based on Emilie Richards' novel, Happiness Key.

Lots of goodies, laughter and hugs were exchanged too. Shirley gave me these inspiring notebooks!

So, that was my Friday! A great start to the weekend.

Today I feel like I need a reboot, a redo, a mulligan. 

Or maybe just some time at my sewing machine!

But, refering to my comment about the dryer, I'm a little leery of attempting to fuse any fabric tonight.

Instead I discovered
and got enthralled with all the other art - besides quilting - that's going on in the world.
 Who knew!

This artist, who did the installation in my first photo, Gunilla Klingberg, I find really inspiring. There just happens to be an orange vibe to a lot of her pieces as well!

There's still 2 more days of weekend left - and time to enter my giveaway!

Sarah Vee


Shirley in Canada May 20, 2012 at 6:03 PM  

You are amazing, Sarah! I do hope today and Monday are good for you!! ♥

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