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>> Thursday, May 24, 2012

 Joy in the Yukon

First off, congratulations to Janet who was my Giveaway Winner!
Another package off to the Yukon for her - it was her second 'follower' comment that got her the win. Thanks to all my followers for joining in. More giveaways to come - soon!!

Joy in the Basement

What little glam and prettiness I had created around my sewing space is now packed up in preparation for our big move this summer. My cutting desk fits behind our living room setup in the basement and, with some extra lighting, is working out for me. The shoeboxes are storing necessary pins and thread. See my Lucky Charms folded up there on the little sewing storage box? It's been left to linger again! Maybe this weekend?

 Just through the doorway beyond is my laundry room and this rather crude setup. I haven't actually used my machine here yet. Hopefully this afternoon. I have set up my mini ironing board and done some fusing. I even kept out this month's Dreamboard. At least I still see it frequently as I do laundry almost every night!

Joy in a Box

 All of my dreamboard materials - and past dreamboards - are stuffed into this box that used to house figure skates. I'm keeping this box out so I can keep dreaming through all this chaos!

Joy in a Bag

 My Mother's Day gift to me!

Packed with JOY! All of my little pieces that used to hang in the shoe storage containers in my sewing space fit in my Hello Kitty luggage. It makes me happy to know that if time and inspiration align, I can find some fabric to play with!

Peek at Joy to Come

Slow progress on this upcoming project. I added some personal 'Joy' to this one.

Where are you finding Joy today?

Sarah Vee


Jackie May 24, 2012 at 12:56 PM  

I cant wait to see the word Play all cut out! Awesome idea.

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