Happiness Key Part 1 and Almost 2

>> Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm having lots of fun working on this quilt. It's the Happiness Key mystery quilt designed by Pat Sloan based on books by Emilie Richards.

I really enjoyed their first collaboration, the Season of Grace advent quilt.

This time around I bought the kit! I think this is my *first* quilt kit purchase! Can you believe it?!! I usually like to pick out my own fabrics {and design my own quilt too!LOL}

Pat's included a few quotes about friendship as that is a major theme running through the series of books. These are my first embroidered words. Already my second set is improving.

I have started to work on Part 2 of this mystery. I got the boat fused onto the top. . .

and have started to work on the next quote that goes with it.

Part 3 is up and is a real motivation not to fall behind!
However, the Liberated Churn Dash is what I'm working on. I have it spread over all possible surfaces to deter me from sneaking in work on another project:)

You can find the FREE pattern for the mystery quilt over at Pat Sloan's website.
Here is the link for her free pattern page.

Emilie Richards is also writing a 'novellini' that adds to the story between her 2nd book and the 3rd book which will be released this summer. You can find the "Treasure Beach" on her blog.

Nothing like quilting a summer quilt during April Snowstorms!!!!

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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