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>> Friday, August 20, 2010

Remember these quilt blocks?

This is the Mystery Basket quilt I found through Megan at Will Work for Fabric.
Here is her completed top.
I discuss my different block arrangement a bit here.

I have been working at sewing the sashing in.
This is what I ended up with at the partial seam assembly:

Almost 2 inches too long. I took out the sashing you can see between the two face down blocks. At this point I was glad it was a partial seam - less unstitching to do!

Here's the completed centre. It still looks uneven in this photo, but after I folded it in half to check for squareness there was actually very little to trim. The large purple basket in the bottom row wasn''t quite square.

I hope to sneak some more time today to add the orange 2 1/2 inch inner border. Then I can play with the stripe fabric you can see in the first photo - I'm hoping it will work out as the final 6 inch border.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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