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>> Thursday, July 29, 2010

While I was away I did manage to pick up some sewing supplies. I finally found some basting spray. I'm planning to use it on my Bunny Lady quilt. Soon. Before the summer is over as it's been recommended I spray outside. I also picked up some more neutral thread and safety pins.
Exciting. I know.

I also got to visit an antique store that I knew had sewing notions. I picked up some lace trim that looks alot like trim I've used up on projects.

baskets from the Mystery Basket Quilt

stocking from BOM Season of Grace

I have other lace trim, but this trim I find easy to sew down. And it doesn't have a musty odour. Bonus!

The antique store also has a giant, really, really, big bowl of buttons for sale. My son scooped buttons with an old tin baby cup while I hunted through the trims. As a reward, and because I wanted some more, we brought home a cups worth of buttons too. The big black ones won't fit into my tiny jar.
My son thinks they're his, but honestly, I can't quilt knowing he's playing with tiny buttons somewhere in the house. Safer in the jar.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have 3 finishes to share with you!

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


Abby and Stephanie July 29, 2010 at 7:05 AM  

Nothing better than vintage buttons. The trim makes very pretty basket handles. I love basket blocks.

Nanette Merrill July 29, 2010 at 3:32 PM  

Your baskets are adorable. I prefer Sullivan's quilt spray. But thats just me. I think it holds better with less product.

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