Thankful Three Takes Thursday

>> Thursday, November 26, 2009

My three photos today are things that I'm thanking for - when it comes to quilting. I know and you know that there are important people in my life - and yours - that rank above quilting:)

The first is a picture of some of the scrap Christmas fabric that my local quilt store owner gave me. I'm going on Monday to help my husband's grade 5 class make Christmas crafts to sell as a fundraiser. These are different size squares for potholders and coasters. I have lots of strips and some triangles too. It should be fun. I'm trying to get as much cut before I go. And some good visual instructions made up too.

The second photo is of the selvages that I'm gathering from the scraps! Pat Sloan is working on a selvage exchange and making the Red Zinger selvage quilt. I'm excited to have some more selvages as I usually don't keep them and buy very little fabric. I'm expecting some for Christmas, though:)

Last night I moved my three pieces of furniture in my sewing space around. I moved my table more to the centre so I could hide my plastic bins and not have them blocking my storage closet. You can see the rolling bins peeking out on the right. I could shift everything to the left a bit now that we aren't using the front door everyday to get to the porch. Already the light on my table is better. And my little nook feels so much bigger!

I wanted to take a picture to share the feeling of JOY I had this morning standing in MY space. Then I realized that just having my own space, not too far removed from everybody else but still respected as mine, was a really great gift that I'm thankful for. This is a 'wide' shot above so I could sneak my sewing machine into the frame. It sits on my husband's granny's old sewing machine table. There's still a big old blue machine tucked into the top.

I'm grateful today for my sewing space. For the time I get to create. For the mistakes I make that make me a better quilter. Okay, maybe not that last one!:)

Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans out there! Enjoy the bird and your pumpkin pie.

With Joy,
Sarah Vee


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