Quilts at the Massey Fair - Part One

>> Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The quilts were on display inside a low building behind wood fencing. They were all folded in half and it was hard to read some of the tags. However, the quilts were still inspiring with colours and designs beautifully executed. This first one has many blocks that my sister likes - Bear Paw, log cabin, and flying geese. I think it won first place for handquilting.

This one had a first place ribbon and was machine quilted.

Sorry, it's blurry, but same pattern as one above just different colours.

I like this leaf block.
I like the colours and the 'crooked' setting of the blocks.

I like looking at this one. I think it's easier to piece than it looks. The dynamics of the mini rectangles and bold red stars make it busy and calm at the same time.

I'll post the Storybook Quilts and more in another post.
Hope you enjoyed,

Sarah Vee


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