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>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Regularly scheduled (?!) quilting was put on hold during this morning's toddler nap to make this bag.
I again did the drawstring top as I love the gathering effect. This one is for another birthday girl.

She was at the last party and requested one! Big fish in small pond? No, just girls:) and their accessories.I did get the stitching done around all 4 carrots and 4 bunnies for the Bunny Lady quilt. You will have to wait a little bit to see more progress on that top as my birthday picnic quilt is taking up all the design space - and time - right now.
I also got the border on my mini zigzag. Bright green! Husband approved too:) As you can see, I didn't have quite enough fabric to finish. What did I do?
I used some of my extra zigzag squares to finish the border! I put them down at the bottom right and think of them like a 'bar code'. I might, might, put the word 'zig zag' in them when I'm quilting it. We'll see - when that day comes!

I have also just started the Studio Journal course with Sharon B. of Pin Tangle. It is exactly what I have been looking for! I may share here some of my tasks or just some ideas. Part of the great thing about this course (already!) is that it puts you in the right frame of mind to take creativity seriously. Or be serious about being creative. Responsible for your own JOY! Nice, eh:)

Enjoy the weekend,
Sarah Vee


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