Getting out from under my scraps - with eyes on a new project!

>> Tuesday, August 8, 2023

 It happens, you keep the scraps thinking that you will use them all again. Later. Sometime soon. Maybe! Then they just sit there taking up space making you feel like you have less space for new fabric and new projects. 

How do you move on and do you take your scraps with you?

This happened for me this summer as I got stuck behind my scrap piles and designing new patterns. How was I going to deal with wanting/needing new fabric and having all this other stuff still here?

Then I went to a sew day. 

Our guild hosts a sew day once a month during the year but usually takes the summer months off. A few emails circulated and enough quilters were eager to get together that we had a sew day in July. I didn't know what to take and grabbed an old project that had been sitting - apparently since last July according to my notes!

scrap blocks 2020 mystery Darlene D'eon

I still love this project - it was a mystery project for 2020 designed by Darlene D'Eon. I was at a spot in the project where I needed to cut more pieces from my scraps and just hadn't got around to it. Well, one Sew Day later, I am back into my piles of scraps with a mission!

scrappy star border pieced patchwork scraps

I finished enough of the star blocks to sew together one of the border rows. I came home and cut out the rest of the pieces I need to make the remaining stars. I also scoured her facebook page to find the rest of the directions to finish the quilt :)

I will take this with me to the next sew day. I will put the center together before then - that means this month!

I also realized I was stalled on my Secret Lives of Color quilt.

Secret Lives of Color quilt

I took this opportunity to also look for the fabrics I would need for the next row in this quilt. 

Secret Lives of Color quilt fabrics

In the process I also purged my scrap bin. I kept mostly pieces bigger than 2 1/2" square and got rid of some pieces that seemed to have been around for decades. It was time! Now I have room for more scraps.

fabric scraps organizing purging

During this time I also found out about - you guessed it - a new scrap project! This adorable witch quilt by Lori Holt is on my to do list this fall. I am excited about the design in general but the witch's skirt reminded me that I have another project on the go that will have amazing fabrics for that skirt!

Also, as happens among quilters, one of my guild friends gifted me with some beautiful scraps in cinnamon tones. They will work perfectly for the Harrisonburg quilt that I bought the pattern for and didn't start because I liked the browns and didn't have any. Yay for friends and enablers LOL!

cinnamon fabric scraps

Now I have a scrap quilt project to work on at my guild's next sew day, more fabric selected for a colorful scrap quilt, a UFO to move forward so I can use the leftover fabric in my next quilt project. And the start of a collection of fabrics for another project.

Ah, scraps!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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