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>> Wednesday, May 18, 2022

 My latest project on QUILTsocial is for an applique cushion cover to welcome Spring!

Spring cushion applique project

This project features applique which I like to do, but rarely make the time to do it :) This cushion was a perfect opportunity to play with colorful fabrics and do some applique lettering.

PFAFF performance icon sewing machine

I'm still lucky enough to be creating with the amazing PFAFF performance icon. This machine makes quilting such a joy!

I used the Radiant Stitch technique to stitch out the sun and it's rays.

radiant stitches PFAFF performance icon

Then I quilted even more rays of sunshine into the background of the cushion cover top using built in quilting stitches.

serpentine stitches quilting stitches PFAFF performance icon

The message for this quilt came to me while recovering from COVID. Certainly I did not get as sick as many others, but as a person with a history of chronic, invisible illness, it was a struggle to stay positive as the days of fevers kept coming. Finally at one point the song lyrics appeared when I was starting to have moments where the world didn't feel so dark. Holding onto that piece of light like a string that would lead me out of the dark forest, brought this project to life. And now I have a cushion cover to remind me to always look for the light - and let it shine!

machine blanket stitch mirror stitching PFAFF performance icon

Something fun I did while using the wonderful machine blanket stitch on the performance icon was mirror it when going around the word 'shine'. I think it added a fun look of rays shining from the letters. The machine blanket stitch on the performance icon is so good! It was enjoyable to stitch all these letters down.

To finish off the cushion cover I simply sewed two backing panels to use with the cushion cover top. There are so many presser feet included with this machine (11) that there is one to do every type of sewing with precision. I used several to sew and join the cushion cover layers together.

Quilted applique cushion cover QUILTsocial project

I hope you enjoy this project!

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Jannette May 19, 2022 at 8:21 PM  

That's a really cute project! Love the options that your machine gives you - they really add to your design.
Sorry to hear that you've been fighting COVID - hope that you're finally done dealing with it! I'm in the same camp of "chronic, invisible" illness and increased risk of complications from the virus. Thankfully, we've been able to dodge it so far.

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