Skills I wish I had - 31 Day Blog Writing Challenge

>> Wednesday, December 8, 2021

 There are a few skills I wish I had when it comes to quilting; mostly though I console myself designing patterns and using bright fabrics :) Seriously though, there are so many techniques in quilting that when I first started I tried a lot of them out.

I tried english paper piecing, foundation piecing, hand quilting, and like them all but don't have the time. I have done a bit of foundation piecing lately, but prefer patchwork.

I designed this quilt for a friend who helped us move into our house a few years ago. I loved the panel and was fortunate enough to have more Northcott fabric in my stash to make the blocks.

I love applique but have never tried needle turn. I love Pat Sloan's applique and usually machine applique when I do this technique.

This is one of my favourite applique quilts I made. It was a Pat Sloan Mad Hatter's Tea Party challenge. My quilt actually got to hang at the local public school at a Grade 8 graduation when the theme was Alice in Wonderland!

I wish I could figure out cutting triangles so I could make some of Edyta Sitar's beautiful star quilts.

I wish I could just try a new technique and be good at it, right away! Oh well, looks like I'm still human :)

Oh, and I'm not sure it's a skill (and really not sure I want it!) but how do quilters only work on one quilt at a time and FINISH it before starting another!?!

What quilting skill do you wish you had?

With Joy,

Sarah V.


Jannette December 9, 2021 at 10:54 AM  

I wish that I could piece curves! On the other hand, I already have FAR too many projects on the go, so being able to dismiss a whole quilt category might be a good thing!
And yeah, I'm NOT in the class of quilters that finish every project before they start a new one!

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