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>> Thursday, December 2, 2021

 Day 2 is all about our sewing space. Good thing I just recently took some new photos! And since yesterday's post didn't have any photos, well, I made up for it today!

quilt table sewing room sew joy creations

This is the view when you walk into my sewing room. I am lucky enough to have an upstairs room in my house to use for my sewing room. It also happens to be the way out of the house onto the back deck - not a problem this time of year! That's why my table is turned out right now with my sewing machine on it.  Behind the chair is the back wall that houses a large closet.

sewing room closet organized sewing room closet

This closet gets organized semi-regularly to fit stuff in as I rotate it off my bookshelf. Most of my Unfinished Projects are in scrapbooking plastic bins. I am working at labelling things as I store them, but mostly I just depend on my memory (as this is starting to fail - or now the problem is I tend to reorganize too often - the labelling is becoming more necessary!) There is a large long bookcase across the bottom with books and more stored projects.

sewing room bookcase storage fabric storage

In this photo of the bookcase you can see my table is still turned against the wall. I think that was only a week ago! I had to reorganize my shelves to make room for fabric! At the beginning of the pandemic I arranged my shelves to be 'pretty', to inspire me as I wasn't going to be visiting my local quilt shop in person. Then it started to get full of the piles that tend to happen between projects. 

Then there was a month long modern quilt shop hop and well, some gorgeous new fabric lines. So my shelves needed to be changed out. I also realized how much fabric I already had (!) and decided to put it front and center. 

bookshelf in sewing room

Then online learning happened! And my bookshelf needed to get rearranged again to make some room for work stuff that I can put away and grab easily. Here you can see the table has been turned and the shelves are again more functional. Grateful to have the space!

{No books on my bookshelf - I moved them to the livingroom where I have a nice couch to sit on while I look through them. And I'm not showing you under my bed where I store designated fabrics for projects, Christmas fabric and widebacks :) Or the tote in my closet and the ones downstairs. . . not technically my sewing space LOL}

computer station sewing room

This is the computer, calendar, keep-all-the-paperwork-organized corner. It also has my little antique shelf units I use for some thread storage. You can see part of my cutting table beside it and some of my flannel tablecloths that I use for a design wall.

design wall sew much fun tour

I don't have a great photo of my wonderful cutting table handy - maybe I will have to feature that in another post. Here is the design wall doing its job with the only blocks I have finished so far in the Sew Much Fun blog tour. I will catch up - or at least do the blocks I want to do, at some point. You can also see some of the functional containers that I have on my cutting table and my pink Ott light that I use for late night (sore eyes) cutting. The ladybug is a new addition - it is a mini vacuum believe it or not! This cute gadget has become a mascot in one of the online groups I'm in.

Well I think I gave you enough photos to get a good idea of how cozy and bright and happy my space is to sew in. I have everything I need and life is good. 

Thanks for coming in for a peek,

Sarah V.



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