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>> Saturday, December 4, 2021

 hmmm, I had to think about this one! I don't usually pick favorites ;) And I think after quilting for 20 years, I think there are too many 'gadgets' that are advertised as tools.  

But! There are definitely 'tools of the trade' that I wouldn't do without.

Rotary Cutter and Rulers

rotary cutters quilting rulers

Two rotary cutters - I love using the Splash Olfa turquoise run, but I have started a bad habit of not closing my blade when I'm done cutting. I'm not sure exactly why this new habit started but I can't seem to stop! I switched back to my more ergonomic Olfa that you squeeze the extra handle to expose the blade and covers it again when you let go. Now I enjoy cutting fabric after work and don't worry about leaving an open blade laying out in the open.

The rulers in the photo are the two I first started sewing with - the smaller 3" x 18" Omnigrid does the majority of the work. The longer one is no longer in production - it was made in Canada by Jackie Black and is called Speedy Strips. It is 4" wide and a bit longer at 23"; this ruler I inherited from my husband's granny when I started quilting so it holds a special place in my heart.

Scissors, Seam Ripper  & Pincushion

fabric scissors seam ripper handmade pincushion

My fabric cutting scissors are some very basic Singer scissors - I like the red handle! The smaller purple ones are embroidery scissors that I use at the sewing machine to clip threads - they're really sharp!

I love my Clover seam ripper. I started quilting with one of the mini ones that comes in a starter sewing kit and used it for years! Only in the last couple of years have I embraced the seam ripper and how much better it makes my work - like erasing a letter you're not pleased with. I'm also not a pincushion collector like some quilters, but this one I made a while ago as a QUILTsocial project and it has become a favorite.

Flannel mini design mat

flannel design board

This flannel design board was also inherited from my husband's granny so I guess it's vintage! Long before I had a design wall, the board helped me keep my block units organized as I moved them from the cutting board to the sewing machine. I love the connection it gives me to a past quilter and - it still works! I might need to pick some threads off it again :)

My Iron

I really love it - definitely one of my newest favorite tools. It's one of the new Singer ones with a really long cord and it warms up super fast! Of course I got it before this challenge and haven't taken the time to write about it. I guess I'll add it to my prompts. You can see a picture of it here and how it inspired one of my Sew Much Fun tour block color choice.

I'm afraid I hadn't realized the scope of tools I use or require to create my quilts. And I didn't even mention tools to use  with the sewing machine! But in the end my favorite tool is my curiosity - it never runs out. Sometimes it needs a tuneup or a rest, but it is always there ready when I make time to explore a new technique or fabric line.

What's your favorite tool?

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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