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>> Sunday, October 31, 2021

 This past week was my turn over at QUILTsocial to share a fun, flexible decor project. I designed a Holiday stocking banner using the PFAFF performance icon.

quilted holiday stocking banner QUILTsocial project

It's reversible too!

reversible holiday banner QUILTsocial project

My first post explored using the Multi-Touch Screen on the PFAFF performance icon. It's the size of a tablet right on the machine and works like an assistant with built in User Guide and popups that keep you on the right track.

PFAFF performance icon

Then it was time to start decorating the stockings for the banner. The machine includes a Stabilizer Guide to help figure out when and what to use to make your stitches come out perfect every time.

applique stockings decorative stitches QUILTsocial project

paisley stocking  stocking banner QUILTsocial project

I used one of my favorite techniques on the performance icon to make the heel of one of the stockings - the Radiant Stitch.

radiant stitches stocking banner QUILTsocial project

radiant stitch joy stocking stocking banner QUILTsocial project

Each stocking was treated as its own little quilt and quilted in a different way. I'm getting better - and enjoying more! - free motion quilting thanks to this machine.

free motion quilting holiday stocking banner QUILTsocial project

red background stocking free motion quilting stocking banner QUILTsocial project

Putting the banner together was easy with the precise stitching guides and smooth needle bed of the performance icon. It was even easy to sew over the tucked in fabric at the end of the binding 'string'.

stocking banner binding string QUILTsocial project

stocking banner QUILTsocial project

I had a lot of fun getting some holiday decor made early this week. You could use a different applique motif to make a banner for almost any occasion. Maybe you need a banner too!

You can browse all of the projects I've made for QUILTsocial by visiting my author page.

With Joy,

Sarah V.


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