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>> Monday, March 25, 2019

This quilt is an ongoing labour of love. I started it as a scrap vortex quilt several years ago and promised myself last year that I would work on it again. But for whatever reason, I didn't.

Believe it or not I started this quilt in 2016! Here's a link to that post.

This year I told myself that I would work on it during the month of February. I have been trying to focus on one work in progress a month. The hope is that if I give a project a month  of my attention I should come close to completing it, but if not, at least move it forward and determine if it's something I still want to work on.

It took me until almost the end of February to finally give myself permission to play with this quilt again. Do you do that? Work on the things for everybody else before the project that is just for you?  I have heard artists refer to this kind of project as a 'passion' project - something that they want to make just because, just for them.

machine blanket stitch around letter

I realized as I played (finally!) that a lot of the mini quilts that I've created over the last few years kind of belong with this project. One spoke to me and wanted a word added to it.

machine stitched word on quilt


I found some of my other word mini quilts and think that they will all be joining this project too.

scrap vortex quilt

I took some photos of the layout that I came up with and then put the project away again. Maybe I will play with it a bit this summer; I know it will be ready for me when I decide to play again.

Do you have a passion project?

With Joy,

Sarah V


Caryl @ cinnamon holiday workshop March 25, 2019 at 10:48 PM  

I like your idea to add words to your scrap vortex. I have started and stopped my scrap vortex many times....very fun!

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