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>> Monday, January 29, 2018

I designed this Pockets of Love pillow for The Quilt Pattern Magazine several years ago. They came to me looking for a selvage pattern - cool, eh?!

Pocket of Love pattern

star quilt block

I decided to reach out to them and donate a new block I designed over the holidays to include in their newsletter. I thought it might help some more quilters find my designs and enjoy what I do. :)

In addition to being able to sign up for the newsletter to get the block, The Quilt Pattern Magazine is also offering my followers a special rate to subscribe to their magazine.

No affiliation for me - simply a gift to you! They are an online magazine full of tested quilt patterns and have a very active online community - a chat room for quilters that's not on facebook.

I invite you to check out the subscription special here -

Special Subscription to The QUILT PATTERN MAGAZINE

use secret code - JOY

Remember to sign up for their newsletter to get the free block instructions BEFORE the end of January!  Sign up now and enjoy the block next month :)

With JOY,

Sarah V.


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