Rearranging Fabric and Furniture in my Quilting Space

>> Monday, August 14, 2017

This past week I decided to make some changes in my quilting space. I knew that I had more fabric than I could see and thought that putting it on display would inspire me, and slow down my fabric shopping!

empty glass hutch with magazines in storage beneath

I didn't really want or need to get new furniture; I knew I could use this glass door hutch to display my fabrics. But that would mean emptying it out and finding homes for all the stuff it was currently storing.

hutch items out and in piles on ironing board

I had a few piles of finished projects, a fat quarter bundle, some projects and tins in the hutch. My ironing board provided some temporary storage.

containers waiting for new homes

I was kind of amazed and overwhelmed with how much stuff I had actually put in the hutch! I knew I wasn't going to have the same amount of space to relocate it all too - I don't have THAT much fabric!

desk in quilting space with cat in basket

 Plus, this is where I wantedto put the hutch. All of this stuff had to move too - including the cat basket!

Well, obviously there's a happy ending or I wouldn't be sharing, right? ;)

fabric in glass hutch on desk

The picture was taken at night, but you can see that I was succesful in getting the hutch on my desk and the fabric in the hutch. 
There's a little bit more fabric still in hiding, for the most part fabric that is already dedicated to projects so it doesn't really count as stash (right?!) 
The cat basket has been put back on the corner of this desk; I had it under my ironing board but the cat found it too nerve wracking to be in it when I was ironing.

quilt on wall behind desk

This is the what the corner looks like now! My kids say it looks more like an office which  I think I like. It certainly feels more inviting and inspiring. I have my printer close to my desk now and I have been looking through my designs more since I put my files closer to my chair. 

flannel sheet design wall behind sewing machine

And before I moved around my fabrics, I took down my flannel sheet design board and put it up horizonally to give me more space! I made this decision when I started working on my Splendid Sampler sampler. 

I hope I inspired you to use what you already have to freshen up your quilting space. 

With Joy,
Sarah V.


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